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7 Feb

BET’s The Game – Episode 506

Here's the latest episode recap:

  • Tee Tee shows up at Malik's house while he's laying by the pool. Malik says it's his last day in his house and he just wants to enjoy it.  Tee Tee says Tasha told him to visit Malik.  Tee Tee says he wants to make sure Malik isn't over there offing himself or drinking.  Tee Tee offers his futon to Malik if he needs a place to crash.  The couple buying the house is there and their son comes up to Malik and says, "I can't believe I'm going to be living in a famous person's house" and asks for his autograph.  Malik signs his paper and tells him to frame it.  The boys asks, "You mean you're not Cuba Gooding, Jr?"
  • Malik is packing and his housekeeper says the new family is paying her double.  Tee Tee tells Malik he can't take al of this stuff to the hotel with him.  Tee Tee tells him of all of the money he wasted.  Malik says this house has been real good to him – the best 6 months of his life.
  • Derwin is playing a video game and Melanie says she is bored and wants to go out on a date.  Derwin tells her to go out and Mel says she wants to go out with him.  Mel suggests Drop Bar and Derwin says she only wants to go there because of Tasha.  Mel says that is not the reason she wants to go.  Mel forces him to go.
  • Jason shows up at the studio and there is a woman sitting in his place.  He asks how they got her as a stand-in.  Jason tells her to keep it up and maybe one day she can have her own show like him.  They tell him she is Summer Grayson and she left ESPN and is his new co-anchor.  They say the network suggested that they sexy up the show.  Jason says he's not cool with it.
  • Tee Tee and Malik are eating at his dining room table and reminiscing about the times they've eaten there.  Malik and Tee Tee are looking at the indoor pool and Malik says he really should have learned to swim.  Malik jumps in and needs help.  Tee Tee says, "Put your feet down" and then jumps in to help him.  Malik and Tee are outside walking his horse that he never rode. 
  • Jason shows up at Chardonnay's and she asks him what's wrong with him.  He says that he doesn't want to talk about it.  He then tells her they added a co-anchor to his show.  Chardonnay says she completely understands, because the bar brought in someone to handle the tabletops.  Chardonnay says that they need to focus on the positives to him having a new co-anchor – he gets to spend more time with Brittany and with her.  Chardonnay makes him get up to dance with her.  Jason does the cabbage patch and the snake and then the Kid 'N Play.  Jason says he wants to see Summer Grayson do that.
  • Tasha is at the bar and Mel and Derwin show up.  Mel says she's getting drunk by herself with no man in sight.  Tasha sees them and calls her Melanie Barren-ett to the bartender because she can't have kids.  Tasha asks for extra wasabi nuts and Mel overhears.  Mel then orders some for her and Derwin. 
  • Derwin is ready to leave and Mel isn't ready yet.  Derwin says she manipulated him into coming down here.  He goes to the restroom.  Everyone has left the club, except them and Tasha.  Mel and Tasha have a stare off and Mel says she will be the bigger person and say good night.  Mel gives the waiter a tip and Tasha says "FYI, mine is bigger." 
  • Malik is trying to burn the sheets on his bed and tells Tee Tee if he can't have the house, no one will.  Tee Tee stops him.  Malik pulls out a drawing he made in 3rd grade which is a drawing of his house.  He said he wanted to have to house so they could get out of the projects and that house was his dream.  Tee Tee says this house isn't who he is, it's what he bought.  He says he can just move on to the next dream.  Malik says it still hurts.  Tee Tee says it will hurt a lot less when he gets that house off his back.  Malik burns the picture and says "on to the next dream."
  • Jason and Chardonnay are having dinner that he cooked.  Chardonnay asks him how he plans to handle his proximity to his new white co-anchor because he knows how he loves white women.  He says that yes he is attracted to white women, but he's with her now and she should feel special.  Jason says he doesn't need to deal with this and the last thing he needs is to have to deal with Chardonnay's insecurities.  Jason says he's going above and beyond to prove that he wants to be with Chardonnay.  Chardonnay says she doesn't have her own show and what's in her place is all she has so that's why she's insecure.  Jason hugs her and says not to let her insecurities get in the way of what they have.  Chardonnay tells him that Summer is not going to steal his show.  They kiss. 



Tamara Marbury
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