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30 Jan

Super Bowl In Style – Travel Chic

The Super Bowl matchup is set!  The New York Giants and the New England Patriots will face-off in Indianapolis for Super Bowl XLVI on February 5.  Are you traveling to Indy for Super Bowl week festivities and/or are you actually attending the game?  Unfortunately, this year I will not be attending Super Bowl week festivities like I did last year (unless a brand wants to send me to Indy, then I'm there), but I didn't want to leave those of you who are without a little travel and styling advice. 


  • Super Bowl week the temperature will range from a low of 14 degrees to a high of 59 degrees.  My advice is to not let that high fool you.  I imagine that it will mostly be cool to cold Super Bowl week, so pack items that you can layer. 
  • Also, if you plan to fly and you plan to be there for the whole week, pack items that you can mix and match to avoid going over the weight limit and having to pay extra for an overweight bag.  Last year my bag came thisclose to being overweight, but I admit that I'm a pro at overpacking.  My motto is "always be prepared" because you never know what might come up.  I have, however, gotten better at packing to mix and match.
  • Let's go back to the temperature for a minute.  So, on game day, the temperature will be a low of 19 degrees and a high of 28 degrees.  Yes.  28 degrees.  Lucas Oil Stadium has a retractable roof, but the NFL gets to decide if the roof will be open or closed on game day.  My advice is to dress for the roof to be open, because regardless of whether it's open or closed, you will likely have to do some walking in the cold to get to the stadium.  Be sure to pack a heavy coat, gloves, scarf, a hat, and whatever else will keep you warm (thermal underwear, anyone?). 
  • If you anticipate doing some shopping in Indy (I don't know anything about the shopping scene in Indy, but there will be lots of Super Bowl memorabilia to buy), remember to either leave room in your luggage for the items that you buy in Indy OR pack an extra empty bag to hold your purchases that you can check (which will probably cost you more money) or that you can use as a carry-on.  Another option is to just ship your purchases back to your home if it's too much to pack in a bag (and which might be less expensive than checking an extra bag). 
  • Don't forget to pack all of your chargers (phone, tablet, iPod, camera, e-reader, etc.)!  If you're a blogger and want to do posts while you're there or if you think you might want to email pictures before you leave Indy, don't forget to pack your USB cable for your camera.


  • If you're flying, remember that you will be required to remove your shoes and put them through the X-Ray machine before entering the walk-through metal detector. If you don't want to walk on the airport floor on your bare feet, consider wearing a pair of socks to the airport or having a pair in your carry-on or handbag that is quickly accessible for you to slip on as you take your shoes off.
  • Don't forget to charge your favorite electronics before traveling!
  • TSA still has the 3-1-1 policy, so for your carry-on/handbag all liquids that are 3.4 oz or less must be placed in 1 clear, plastic, zip-top 1-quart bag.  3-1-1 or they will confiscate your liquids. 

Here's a look that I put together so you can be travel chic.  This look may or may not be a shout-out to my favorite team. 


Super Bowl In Style – Travel Chic
Closed, Burberry, Joe's Jeans, Dioniso, Marc Jacobs







Travel to the Super Bowl In Style!



Tamara Marbury
  • Paper & Glam

    I love your name and branding! Keep the football glam coming!

    January 30, 2012 at 6:21 pm
  • Paper & Glam

    I love your site design and branding! Keep the ball & glam coming…rockin idea. 

    January 30, 2012 at 6:22 pm