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31 Jan

Carolina Panthers Unveil A New Logo

Sunday, the Carolina Panthers unveiled their new logo, which is the first logo and logotype change since the Panthers entered the league in 1995.  The changes made by the NFL's creative department are mainly in the eyes and mouth.  The Panthers organization say that the white was removed from around the logo to "create a more dimensional feel and to keep the focus on the features of the panther."  As for the logotype, they say, "The logotype has been refined to be a modern reflection of the Panthers brand. The new font subtly nods to the swipe of a panther, through a three stripe element incorporated into the "A" of "PANTHERS." The angle and graphic accents in the letters were custom created and inspired by the swift, sleek nature of a panther."  The Panthers have not said if there will be changes made to the uniforms.  Here's the old logo:


Which logo and logotype do you like better?  I like the new logo better than the old one, because it pops a little more and seems less 2-dimensional.  However, I think that I like the old logotype better than the new one.  The new logotype isn't bad at all, but the old one was unique and as I saw one fan say, a little wild and crazy like a Panther.  Here's a video from the website showing the changes:  Video of the Logo Change.



Tamara Marbury
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