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31 Jan

BET’s The Game – Episode 505

Here we go…

  • Jason and Chardonnay are on a date at the movies.  Jason admits that he likes hanging out with Chardonnay and says after the annulment they should keep seeing each other.  She says she doesn't think so and that they agreed that after the annulment they would go their separate ways.
  • Malik arrives at the set of The Pitts Show and finds Derwin there as well.  They figure out that Jason set them up to try to squash their beef.  Jason admits he staged it.  Jason tells them he got married to a black woman.  They ask, "Black black?"  He tells them he met her, they got drunk, and ended up in Tijuana.  Malik says he almost married Chardonnay.  Jason says that's a different Chardonnay.  He says that she's spunky and she's showing him things.  Derwin tells him to pull out of the annulment because that's probably why Chardonnay is tripping about continuing to see each other.  Malik suggests that he let her go and if she comes back to him, it's meant to be.  Derwin suggests that Jason open up and show her more of himself.
  • Derwin and Melanie just made love and Mel says she's trying to stay on top of her ovulation schedule.  They are getting ready for church and Derwin doesn't want to be late.  Mel tells Derwin that she changed churches and that the pastor is holding service until they get there.  They run into the Mayor at church and he calls them the real first couple of San Diego.  They sit next to DeRay Davis and Mel says he was in Jumping the Broom (which Pooch was in too).  Derwin says, "This church has a VIP section."  Mel says, "It's just like heaven.  Not everyone can get in." 
  • Mel says that Derwin hasn't said a word since church.  Derwin says that he isn't used to some of the things at the church, like a massage from the usher.  Mel says that they are paying big bucks to the church.  Derwin says that they can go back to the old church or stay at the new one and sit in the back like the regular people.  Mel says that she doesn't want to sit in coach.  She says VIP at church stands for Very Important Protection. 
  • Jason is at the bar where Chardonnay works and they are watching his broadcast.  On the broadcast he gives her a shout out without actually saying her name and asks if they can start again.  She says that they are at different places in their lives.  She says she's 32 and not 22.  She says that she wants it all and deserves it all and she doesn't think he can give her that.  He says she's not the only woman in San Diego and there are other catfish in the sea.  He goes on a movie date with another woman.  Jason tries doing the same things that he did on the date with Chardonnay like sneaking food in, talking to the screen, but the new date is embarrassed and leaves him.
  • Jason arrives at Tasha's hotel room and says he needs her help in understanding the black woman.  He says he went out with 3 of them and he didn't click with any of them.  He says he's trying to figure out why this woman would pass up an opportunity to be with him, Jason Pitts.  Tasha says that's the problem.  He isn't used to women not wanting to be with him, especially since he's now a washed up ex-athlete.  Tasha says that the black woman is so desperate to be in a relationship with a good, black man that she will wait around for one and then let him act a fool when she gets one.  He asks how does he get his black woman to want to be with him.  She says to accept her on her terms and be honest.  She also suggests that he read Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man and says that Steve Harvey is a prophet.
  • Derwin and Melanie go back to the church and sit in the back.  A man sitting behind them asks for an autograph.  A lady takes a picture of him with her cell phone.  Mel says that she can't hear from back there.  The man next to Derwin asks if he can hold a little something.  Derwin says that he doesn't have it.  A woman gets up to give a praise report and says that her daughter was sick and she's lost her car and her job and just asks the church to pray for her.
  • Jason goes to the bar and tells Chardonnay that he really cares about her.  She asks if that's why he went out with 3 of her friends.  He says that she knows he doesn't know any other black women.  He tells her that he's not going to be driven by his ego anymore.  He says that he's not going to pretend that he doesn't have an ego.  He says that he isn't at the same place as her, but he wants to try to get there.  Chardonnay says that her "bull-radar" is off the charts right now.  Jason tells her what Tasha told him about the black woman's plight.  He tells her that he wants her and that he needs to show her.  He asks her to take a leap of faith with him and give them a shot.  She says ok.  She says she will give him the 4 weeks until the annulment. 


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Tamara Marbury
1 Comment
  • Corey V.

    Does anyone know the song they are playing in the last scene at the bar with Jason & Chardonnay??

    February 8, 2012 at 4:05 am