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24 Jan

BET’s The Game – Episode 504

Let's get into it…but first, let me express my disappointment in BET.  If ever there was a time to start airing the State of the Union live, you would think it would be when we have a black President.  But no.  BET continues to air its scheduled programming instead of airing the President's address to Congress.  BET, The Game can wait.  Regardless of the race of the President, you should always show the State of the Union because whatever our President says needs to be heard by our people. 

  • Jazz and Tasha talk about Tasha's house and Tasha says that she had to move out of the big house because she was maintaining too many people there like the gardener.  Jazz asks if she's sure it wasn't because of the ghosts of Dante and Rick Fox.  Tasha asks Jazz if she's gotten her kids back from the state yet.  Tasha and Mel have words regarding Tasha coming out on top in the Verizon deal.
  • The Sunbeams are planning a fashion show and Tasha has recruited Nene from Real Housewives of Atlanta as a fashion designer for "Volumptious" and Mel asks if she means Voluptuous and Nene says no. 
  • The Sabres are in the locker room and complaining about the coach.  Javon tells him to chill before he ends up on the bench like Malik.  Malik blames Derwin for him being benched for the new quarterback, Kwan.  Derwin makes an attempt to bond with Kwan, but Kwan is not interested.
  • Mel is getting ready for a movie premiere that she and Derwin have to attend.  Derwin complains about Kwan and Mel complains about Tasha making the Sunbeams ghetto.  Mel tells Derwin that Kwan should show him respect since he is the team captain and Derwin tells Mel that Tasha needs to show her respect as President of the Sunbeams.
  • Jason and Chardonnay have a date, but Jason tries to back out.  Chardonnay tells him that she promised her friends that they would meet him.  One of her friends calls Jason "brother" to his surprise. They have a discussion about driving while black and Jason says everything isn't about race.  He says that he gets pulled over all the time and the police just want his autograph.  Chardonnay informs him that they pull him over for being black and driving a nice car and only ask for his autograph when they realize who he is. 
  • The Sunbeams discuss the fashion show and one of the Sunbeams says that the show needs new direction.  One says that Mel could not be there because she is home trying in vitro fertilization.  Tasha points out that the fashion show has been successful under her direction for years.  The Sunbeams says imagine how much more successful it could be with a real fashion show.  They vote and Tasha wins.
  • Jason goes shopping at DTLR and gets stopped at the door when the sensor goes off.  He tells the lady that not all black people are thieves.  She says his cashier forgot to remove the sensors.  Jason almost gets hit walking out of the store and the guy screams, "Shut up, blackie. I could have hit you." 
  • In the locker room Derwin tells everyone that he is taking them out to tear up the town.  He asks Kwan if she's going to roll with them and Kwan says, "no, I'm good."  Derwin asks him what does that mean; isn't he part of the team.  Kwan says that he is not there to be his buddy and that he is not his Malik, his Jason, or his Javon.  He says he's there to win championships.  He says it's getting kind of suspect asking them out.  Some of the guys laugh and Derwin tells them to be cool with that.  The other guys back out of hanging out with him.  Malik laughs and tells Derwin, "Just when you think somebody's your boy. Crazy, huh?"
  • Jason is at the bar where Chardonnay works and a guy asks him if that's his coat.  Jason says yes, it's his coat and asks if he can't wear a coat because he's from Africa.  Jason kisses Chardonnay at the bar.
  • The Sunbeams meet again about the fashion show.  Tasha says she's got half of Jodeci and needs money.  A Sunbeam calls Mel on speakerphone who wants to take charge.  Tasha tells Mel that she's just a wannabe and that she wants to be more than what she is which is a baller's wife who doesn't do anything.


Tamara Marbury
  • Ronda

    My thoughts:
    1. Did anyone notice Coby Bell AKA Jason was listed as a "Special Guest Star?" Is he not a full time cast member anymore?
    2. I don't like all of this in fighting and bickering; Mel and Tasha, Malik and Derwin…can't we all just get along??
    3. And co-sign on BET not showing the SOTU but I'm not surprised.

    January 25, 2012 at 7:39 am
  • sandra

    I love chardonnay and Jason. Brandy and Coby have mad chemistry. I love the game just get Malik back to himself.  Jason and Chardonnay are stealing the show. Also the game does not stay on long enough.

    February 8, 2012 at 10:38 am