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17 Jan

BET’s The Game – Episode 503

Here's the recap of episode 503 of BET's The Game:

  • Tasha tries to persuade Malik to make an appearance at J.J. Abrams kid's party and he agrees.  He says he doesn't want to block all the hard work she's been doing.
  • Derwin comes home and tells Mel he got the Verizon endorsement.  Mel said she thought that deal went away with Tasha.  Derwin says that Irv hooked it up and that he re-signed with Irv.  Melanie says to stop letting her in on all his decisions.  Mel asks what happened to her being the CEO of the family.  Derwin says she is CEO of the family, but Irv is CEO of the business.  He says if Irv starts losing they will dump him just like Tasha.  He says he's responsible to Mel, DJ, and kind of Janay, which Mel doesn't like.  He then scratches Janay.  Mel threatens to stop doing what he likes if she's no longer the CEO.  Derwin makes her the boss of Irv. 
  • Malik calls his accountant (played by Steve from Sex and the City) in and asks why he didn't pay the gardener.  He says it's because he has no money and what he has in his new contract is only half of what he owes.  Accountant puts him on a budget of $25,000 a month and Malik says that's not enough.  The accountant then hints that he needs to sell one of his babies (his cars). 
  • Melanie meets with Irv to discuss Derwin's endorsement with Verizon.  Irv starts coughing and then asks for water with lemon and keeps asking for more stuff.  Mel says Derwin should do Jimmy Fallon.  Irv tells his assistant to book him on Letterman since he already has the Fallon audience.  Tasha calls Irv about the Verizon deal and says that she initiated the deal and wants to sue him and Derwin.  Mel asks him when was he going to tell her this. 
  • They take Malik's car away.  Tee-Tee shows up and tells Malik how well his wing truck's doing.  Malik asks his accountant if he has a part of that and he reminds him that he took a Rolex. 
  • Irv meets with Tasha and a mediator and Melanie shows up unexpectedly.  Melanie says that she and Tasha have their differences, but they can be civil.  Melanie says that Tasha was not responsible for the endorsement and that she may have initiated it, but Irv sealed the deal.  She offers her an amount on paper and Tasha smokes the paper it's written on.  Tasha pulls out her evidence of her work on the Verizon deal: the calls she made, the calls they made to her, etc.  The last piece of evidence was a text from Melanie telling Tasha great job on the Verizon deal.  The mediator tells them that Tasha is to receive her 10% on his earnings from the deal in perpetuity.  Tasha takes a jab at Melanie and tells her to go home and cook some chicken and have a baby, but then says she forgot that she can't do either and not to come for her. 
  • Malik and Tee-Tee go out and Malik offers to pay knowing his money is tight.  Estelle shows up at the club and Malik says that the rule is that if a celebrity shows up at the club after you, you have to send over a bottle.  Shawn Marion then shows up and Malik says since this is San Diego he's going to be expected to pay his bill too.
  • Derwin tells Mel she was never the boss of Irv and that Irv was running everything by him.  He tells her she is not the CEO, President, Vice President or Manager and just wants her to be his wife.  She says that he just wants her to shut up and spread her legs when he wants.  Mel said she didn't give up her career to sit on the sidelines.  He said he didn't ask her to give up her career.  Mel said this is why she gave up her career and Derwin wouldn't be who he is without her. Derwin says he's the one catching those balls on Sundays.  Mel says, "well, thanks for letting me know where I stand."
  • Malik foots the bill at the club for everyone.
  • Derwin gets in bed with Melanie to apologize.  He tries to cuddle with her and she pushes him away.  He says he doesn't know if he would be here without her, but he doesn't want to be here without her and he loves her.  He demands that she let him cuddle her and she lets him. 
  • Tasha shows up at the club to pay Malik's tab and asks if he has to be every stereotype. 

This episode seems to be a little more like the pre-BET seasons–more of the laugh tracks and less of the drama.  It seems like they might be steering it back to its comedy roots and away from being a dramedy.  What did you think of this episode?


Tamara Marbury
  • Mandi

    I appreciate the re-cap of last night's show–I was unable to watch it, but I feel like I know what's going on..
    Thanks :)

    January 18, 2012 at 2:57 pm
  • Ronda

    I can’t believe Mel went through hell and trying to become an MD and she gives it up to run Derwin career. God forbid he gets injured, but I guess she can always go back to practicing medicine. I’m so proud of Tee Tee, he’s turned into a true man. Is it me or does Tasha look even smaller if that’s possible. Always a delight to see Irv Smif. LOL

    January 18, 2012 at 4:41 pm