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13 Dec

Tim Gunn Critiques Nate Burleson’s Fashion Sense [VIDEO]

If you're a fan of "Project Runway," then you're very familiar with Tim Gunn.  Recently Tim Gunn (he's one of those people for whom you have to say their first and last name every time) was in Detroit and sat down with one of the local stations to promote his new show, "The Revolution."  While he was there, they asked him to critique Detroit Lions wide receiver Nate Burleson's fashion sense.  Nate is a "self-proclaimed fashion hound and clotheshorse" and wants to be the best dressed player in the league.  So, does Nate "make it work?" 



While Tim Gunn appreciates that he cares about how he looks and even calls him a "fashionista," he did say that Nate seems to be trying too hard.  I wouldn't say that he's trying too hard.  I would say that he just doesn't have good fashion sense at times.  If you read this Nate, here's my advice (but I'm no Tim Gunn so take it for what it's worth):

  • I'm going to skip over the first look and go straight to the second look.  There was so much going wrong in this look.  First, the pleated pants.  Please remove every pair of pleated pants in your closet and throw them away.  Pleated pants are a fashion "Don't."  Just don't do it.  Guys who wear pleated pants like to say, "I need more room."  *side eye*  No you don't. 
  • The gun holster look?  What's that about?  Oh?  It's not an actual gun holster?  It's a bag?  Is this the new murse (man purse)?  Please don't wear this ever again.  It brings unnecessary attention to the next point. 
  • That shirt and tie combo you're wearing.  This might be a case of doing too much.
  • Let's talk about that 3-button suit.  Actually, let's not.  I'll just point you to this example of how a suit should look and fit.  And local reporter.  Don't encourage this.  I know you wanted to stick up for your home team guy, but it makes me think you don't have any fashion sense either. 
  • The last look isn't horrible.  It just makes you look like a kid. 

Nate took Tim Gunn's comments in stride, which was cool.  Since I know Nate is reading this, I hope he takes my comments in stride too (but call me if you want someone to look over your outfits before you leave the house).  I can appreciate a man who cares about his appearance, even if he does miss the mark sometimes. 


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Tamara Marbury
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