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20 Oct

Game Day Glam – NFL Team Colored Nail Polish

I recently took a shot at painting my own fingernails the day before the Carolina Panthers home game against the New Orleans Saints (and again when the Panthers hit the road to play the Atlanta Falcons).  It's very rare that I attempt to paint my own nails because I never manage to stay inside the lines.  However, that Saturday night I looked down at my hands and realized that I had completely forgotten to get a manicure before the big game.  Luckily, I had just bought a couple of new polishes because I'm always so inspired by my friend Mattie of Mattieologie (she has an awesome series called Mattie Manis where she shows off her latest manicure that she did herself!).  One of the new colors that I bought was black.  I've never worn black nail polish but for some reason I really wanted to try it.  So, since I was dressing to show my support for my New Orleans Saints, the black nail polish was perfect.  I would like to say that the result looked like I'd just walked out of the nail salon, but I would be lying.  It looked more like a Kindergartner's artwork, but that's ok.  If you didn't look too closely you wouldn't notice that parts of my fingers outside of the nail also had polish on them (at least this is what I told myself). 



Well, it was recently brought to my attention (thanks @ManchesterPR) that a company (ke specialties llc) makes officially licensed NFL team colored nail polish!  I don't know how great the polish is, but if you're one who likes to go all out for your team, this is definitely an option, because some team colors might otherwise be hard to find (think Seattle Seahawks and Miami Dolphins).  You can order it directly from the company's website or buy it at Dick's Sporting Goods






Tamara Marbury
1 Comment
  • Lisa Dawkins

    After the Superbowl. You will need to post  the Carolins Panthers nail polish :)

    January 10, 2014 at 6:58 pm