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8 Sep

Twitter Teams Up With the NFL

As most of you know, I'm a tweeter.  A Twitter-holic if you will.  I use Twitter to stay up to the minute on breaking news (those of us on Twitter hear, I mean read everything first), to connect with people with similar interests (football, fashion, reality TV, you name it), and to network (GREAT way to network. I can't say that enough.)  Well, I also get most of my football news via Twitter.  All of the top football insiders are on Twitter and they tweet a lot of up-to-the-minute info.


Today, I found out about something cool that I know will be a great source of info for me.  Twitter is now making it easier for us to follow content regarding our favorite teams.  How so?  Well, Twitter now aggregates "Top Tweets" about each team.  For example, I started following @SaintsTweets and I now have all of the relevant, most-popular Tweets coming from the Official Saints account, coaches, players, owners, and local commentators being retweeted by @SaintsTweets.  So, instead of having to follow Drew Brees, Tracy Porter, Lance Moore, Mark Ingram, and all of the other players individually, I can see their tweets via @SaintsTweets (don't worry guys.  I actually do follow all of you individually).  I just thought this was pretty cool, because I'll admit – I don't follow every Saints player, but now I can catch their tweets via this account.  Plus, as someone who likes to know what's going on across the league, it might not be a bad idea for me to follow the account for each team.  Just a little something I thought I would share in case you want to follow the account for your team rather than try to follow every player, coach, commentator for your team.  Now, if we can just get the NFL to run a feed across the TV screen of our #NFL tweets during games…


Oh.  And if you're not following me, go over to the right side of the screen and click on the helmet that says "Twitter" (@BlitzAndGlam).  Tweet you later!



Here's the list:


East: The Washington Redskins [@RedskinsTweets], the Philadelphia Eagles [@EaglesTweets], the New York Giants [@GiantsTweets], the Dallas Cowboys [@CowboysTweets]

North: The Green Bay Packers [@PackerTweets], the Minnesota Vikings [@VikingsTweets], the Chicago Bears [@CHIBearsTweets], the Detroit Lions [@LionsTweets]

South: The Atlanta Falcons [@FalconsTweets], the Carolina Panthers [@PanthersTweets], the New Orleans Saints [@SaintsTweets], the Tampa Bay Buccaneers [@BuccaneerTweets]

West: The San Francisco 49ers [@sf49erstweets], the Arizona Cardinals [@CardinalsTweets], the Seattle Seahawks [@SeahawksTweets]

East: The Buffalo Bills [@BUFBillsTweets], the Miami Dolphins [@Dolphins_Tweets], the New England Patriots [@NEPatriotTweets], the New York Jets [@NYJetsTweets]

North: The Baltimore Ravens [@RavensTweets], the Cincinnati Bengals [@BengalsTweets], the Cleveland Browns [@BrownsTweets], the Pittsburgh Steelers [@Steeler_Tweets]

South: The Houston Texans [@TexansTweets], the Indianapolis Colts [@ColtsTweets], the Jacksonville Jaguars [@JaguarsTweets], the Tennessee Titans [@TitansTweets]

West: The Denver Broncos [@BroncosTweets], the Kansas City Chiefs [@ChiefsTweets], the Oakland Raiders [@RaiderTweets], the San Diego Chargers [@ChargersTweets]

Tamara Marbury
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