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14 Sep

So You Want To Be A Football Fan

A friend and fellow blogger and lawyer (and co-founder of Blogalicious Weekend), Justice Fergie, recently emailed me to ask for my help.  She was flipping through the college football edition of Southern Living magazine (who knew they have a college football edition?) and she (once again) resolved to become a football fan for her husband.  In her words, all she cares about is hosting the game watching and tailgate parties.  So, she started making a mental checklist of the things that she needed to know and wished that she had someone to coach her on her journey to become a football fan, when she thought of none other than yours truly.  I'm honored.  I'm also excited!  I'm happy to help anyone, especially another woman, who wants to learn more about football. 


So, to start off Justice Fergie emailed me 5 questions: 

1. It's all so overwhelming. College games, NFL games, pre-season, real season (?) where do I begin?

Just jump right in!  Saturdays are generally college football day and Sundays and Monday nights (and some Thursday and Saturdays) are NFL game day.  There are plenty of chances for you to catch a game.  The best way to begin though is by watching a team that you might have a personal connection to, such as watching your alma mater or your hometown team.  The preseason is over so the regular season is now in full swing. 

2.  The two teams that I am supposed to be caring about are the Florida Gators (hubby's and my alma mater and the team hubby played for) and the Miami Dolphins (hubby's hometeam). How do I learn about the key players on each?

I think there is no better way to learn who the key players are than by watching a game. 

3.  How do I identify the important games in each teams schedule? What do they mean?

For college games, the important games on the schedule will be the games against other teams in their conference and games against ranked teams.  In the NFL, every team wants to be at the top of their division, so the games against division rivals are the big ones (think Ravens/Steelers, Saints/Falcons, Redskins/Cowboys).

4.  Any tips on how I can keep my interest piqued during the entire game? (I tend to get bored after, ahem, kickoff.)

A great way to gain interest in NFL games is by playing fantasy football.  Don’t know who to pick in the fantasy football draft?  That’s ok.  Analysts often put out their lists of the top fantasy picks, so print out a list and use that as your guide.  But be careful, because there might be players who’ve been injured since the list was compiled who might be out for a few weeks or even for the season.  This will keep your attention on particular players in the game, not only on your fantasy team, but also on your weekly opponent’s fantasy team.  Another way is to join a Pick ‘Em League where you will pick the winners of all games that week.  I think when you have something vested in the game you’re more likely to be interested in the games, particularly if you’re a competitive person. 

5. What are the key things I should keep up with in order to not appear like a total dunce throughout the season?

I think the first thing is to make sure you understand the basic rules of the game (See Blitz And Glam's NFL Cheat Sheet below).  Another thing that will help to keep you informed of the latest happenings is to follow a few college and NFL football commentators or ESPN on Twitter or follow your team’s official twitter account. 




Do you have any other suggestions for Justice Fergie?


To Be Continued…



Tamara Marbury
  • Candyce Nicole

    Thanks, so glad you brought this back!
    Late last year I realized how much I loved watching football after having a blast while watching my alma mater play. I decided I needed to choose a favorite NFL (Geaux Saints!!) and have been enjoying my new hobby ever since!
    I got the basics about the game, but I appreciate this cheat sheet…it's so helpful!

    January 11, 2012 at 6:36 pm
  • Tyler

    Well it makes me both very sad and happy to say i have beens searching for 4 hours an how to enjoy football, as i despise watching sports with a passion… not playing just the watching i loved playing football. however i am now dreadfully in love with a woman who just so happens to be a HUGE HUGE football fan, sigh just my luck as i am one of very few men i know that would rather talk about E.A. Poe than one of the Manning brothers. however this still does not help to much it is just far less insulting than anything else i have found is, to me watching a sporting event is no different than watching someone play a board game, sure i love to get in on a round of monopoly but i certainly do not wish to see others play a 3 hour game of it. i just wish there were a simple way to not loath all the wasted money and the fact that they pay some people enough money to feed a country for a month to play a game, or all the politics or the extreme fans that get mad when someone drops the ball as if they themselves were the owner of the team, i also have not been able to find a reason to become vested in any teams, hell I went to the university of oklahoma and anytime i have to sit and watch them play all i can think of is wanting them to lose for how many times the tailgaters woke me up on my one long weekend day to sleep way early or how if you wish to drive anywhere in my fairly small home town( norman, ok and small only in comparison to other big college team towns) when i game was going you will get there three times as fast walking, i once walked to walmart and it was about a 6 mile round trip and made in half the time driving would have taken. the only option i have seen i think may work is gambaling and that is only because i am a major tight ass i would love some more suggestions always welcome them.

    September 5, 2014 at 4:34 am