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14 Jul

Candice + Tony

Remember when Candice Crawford and Tony Romo wed back in May?  Well, who knew that that was just the beginning, not only for their lives together, but for Candice + Tony: The Movie? 


Check out the trailer of the wedding.



Candice & Tony's Wedding Trailer from Joe Simon Films on Vimeo.


I have to be honest.  This made me want to watch the whole thing.  And be honest with me?  How many of you have watched your own wedding videos?  Ok, more than once?  This cinematographer has just set the bar pretty high for wedding videos.  If I get married one day, my wedding video has to look like it belongs on the big screen.  I just can't accept anything less after seeing this. 


(Images 1 and 2)

Tamara Marbury
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