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28 Jun

Buffalo Bills New Uniforms Unveiled

On Friday, June 24, the Buffalo Bills finally unveiled their new uniforms for the 2011 NFL season at a special Uniform Launch event presented by Reebok at Ralph Wilson Stadium.  “One of the things we heard consistently was there was really no identifying mark on our jersey,” said Bills Senior Vice President of Marketing and Broadcasting Marc Honan. “We feel that the charging buffalo is perhaps one of the strongest marks in the league and why not incorporate it into the look and we think it looks great on the jersey.”



The charging blue buffalo with the red speed stripe is on every article of the new uniforms–from each side of the helmet to the back of the jersey above the player's name to each hip of the pants–everywhere except the socks.  The team name is also stitched just below the V-neck on the front of the jersey.  Also, in an effort to make the jersey numbers stand out more on TV, a thin navy blue outline has been added outside the red outline around the white number.  The players will be happy to hear that the jerseys' material stretches a little more and offers more breathability, thereby cooling the players down a lot more. 



And the helmet?  Aside from returning to the white helmet, it will also contain a stripe down the middle that widens as it travels from the front to the back "to mimic the speed streak on the Bills logo which also widens as it moves from the head to the tail of the charging buffalo."  And the white isn't just any white, but instead contains a metallic flake that will really help them to shine under the bright lights.



So, what do you think?  Is this the very same uniform that was accidentally leaked on the EA Sports website in their promo for Madden 12?  Looks like it to me.   



Tamara Marbury
1 Comment
  • Shermika

    I guess that shows you how clueless I am.  Football teams have uniform launch events? A fashion show for players if you will. Nothing like a man in uniform and these look pretty good.

    June 29, 2011 at 7:44 pm

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