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16 May

The BlackBerry PlayBook

If you follow me on Twitter (@BlitzAndGlam) you probably saw several tweets from me lately with the hashtag #PlayBookATL.  Well, that's because I was lucky enough to win an invitation to BlackBerry's PlayBook Launch in Atlanta, which was held last Tuesday (May 10).  How did I win the invitation, you ask?  Well, BlackBerry (@BlackBerry) had a contest where you had to tweet them using the hashtag #PlayBookATL and state why you should get an invitation.  You also had to get as many of your followers as possible to retweet it.  From there, they selected the 50 people with the most tweets and retweets.  Well, a couple of days after the contest ended, I received a DM stating that I was a winner!  I had won a PlayBook and an invitation to PlayBookATL! 



I took my good friend, Shana, with me to the event, which was held at Opera in Midtown Atlanta.  There was lots of food, drinks, dessert, and of course, plenty of PlayBooks for everyone to test drive.  As soon as I picked one up, I knew it was a great fit for me.  What do I like about it? 





  • Well, I love the size.  It's small enough to carry in most of my handbags and fits perfectly in my hands. 
  • I love that it has a full web browser and that so far, I've been able to do everything on it that I would do on my laptop. 
  • I like that I can do work on it, because it has Word, Excel and PowerPoint (I only "like" and not "love" because I mean, who really wants to do work on it?) 
  • I love the way the colors pop on the screen.  The resolution is awesome! 
  • I love the speed, and being someone who is always doing a million things at once, I love that I can truly multitask on the PlayBook just as I can on my laptop.  I can have my browser open and running, and swipe it up and open an app, swipe that up and then open my BBM conversation–all running at the same time. 
  • And speaking of BBM, I can use my BlackBerry Storm to create what's almost like a WiFi hotspot just for my PlayBook.  With one simple tap, I can create an invisible "bridge" from my phone to my PlayBook to not only gain internet access on my PlayBook, but also to view my BBM, calendar, email, and other features from my phone (When I told one friend that I was BBMing him from my PlayBook, he called me a "showoff."). 



I'm sure that there are many things that I'm forgetting to say.  And I've owned it less than a week, so I'm sure there are many things that I haven't learned that I love yet (does that make sense?). 





Oh!  And it's called the PlayBook!  There's a football connection!  Would a Blitz And Glam Girl carry anything other than a PlayBook?  Love it!




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Tamara Marbury