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28 Apr

Buffalo Bills New Uniforms Leaked

Oops!  EA Sports inadvertently leaked the new uniforms that the Buffalo Bills will be sporting in the upcoming season in their promo video for Madden 12.  It was announced earlier this year that the new uniforms would "incorporate the team's storied history while keeping the team's signature charging Buffalo logo." 


ESPN's Tim Graham caught a look at the uniforms in the promo and describes them this way:

The helmets will be white with the blue charging buffalo and gray facemasks. Jerseys will have broad stripes on the shoulders instead of the sleeve bottom. Pants will be blue or white, the opposite of the jersey. Blue pants will have red-between-white piping.  White pants will have red-between-blue piping.

Socks will have blue-and-white striped tops, and players will have the option to wear blue or white shoes as opposed to black. Belts are believed to be gray.


Take a peek for yourself.  I think the new uniforms "pop" a lot more than the old uniforms which I think will be good for TV and they are a lot cleaner visually.  What do you think of the new uniforms?



Another thought:  How many "leaks" are actually unintentional?  It was said that the NFL saw the promo before it was released.  Could this have been a plan to get people talking about the Bills?  The promo has since been removed from the website.


Tamara Marbury