BET’s The Game – Episode 413 (Season Finale)

by Tamara on March 29, 2011

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Here's the final episode recap of the season.  If you missed any episodes this season, BET will be airing all episodes back-to-back this Saturday starting at 3 pm ET. 




Melanie is worrying about her ovaries and eggs, so Derwin tells her they can get her checked out.


Tasha tells Derwin and Mel that she is representing Malik too.  Derwin tells Mel she has to tell Tasha there is no way she can represent both of them, because it’s a conflict of interest.


Tasha runs into the dying man and his wife and kids are there with him.  He apologizes for not telling her the truth.  She wants to go off on him, but the new Tasha Mack has learned not to sweat the small stuff.  She tells him to have a good life.  (So just as I thought last week.  He was lying about dying.)


Malik goes to his ex-girlfriend's photo shoot to get her back.  He says it wasn’t just a rehab hookup and that he loves her.  He tells her that he set up that fake photo shoot so he could see her and she is embarrassed. 


Derwin sets up a meeting with the new potential Quarterback and brings Jason in to help convince him to come to San Diego, since he’s a huge Jason Pitts fan. 


Melanie invites Tasha over under the guise of just relaxing.  She says that she isn’t sure about her representing both Malik and Derwin and that she would rather Tasha focus on Derwin.  Tasha tells Melanie that wants her to choose and that she knows nothing about loyalty.  Mel says that she convinced Derwin to sign with her when her career was nowhere.  Mel fires Tasha.  Tasha throws Twizzlers at Mel and walks out. 


Kirkland (the QB) signs with San Diego.  He says that he plans to turn that shameful season around.  At the press conference Jason sees Camille.  They agree to meet up later.  Camille then goes and kisses the new QB and says they will meet Jason later.  (Does Stacey Dash age??) 


Jenna shows up at Malik’s house drunk.


Mel and Derwin go to the doctor.  The doctor asks her a series of questions about her past, including whether she's had an abortion and she says no.  After the doctor leaves, Derwin asks Mel if the abortion was his and she says nothing.  (Wow.  I guess he knows her well enough to know when she's lying.)


Well, what did you guys think?  Did the finale live up to the hype?  Did the season live up to your expectations?  Was BET's The Game worth the fight?  Will you watch if there is a Season 5?