BET’s The Game – Episode 413 (Season Finale)

by Tamara on March 29, 2011

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Here's the final episode recap of the season.  If you missed any episodes this season, BET will be airing all episodes back-to-back this Saturday starting at 3 pm ET. 




Melanie is worrying about her ovaries and eggs, so Derwin tells her they can get her checked out.


Tasha tells Derwin and Mel that she is representing Malik too.  Derwin tells Mel she has to tell Tasha there is no way she can represent both of them, because it’s a conflict of interest.


Tasha runs into the dying man and his wife and kids are there with him.  He apologizes for not telling her the truth.  She wants to go off on him, but the new Tasha Mack has learned not to sweat the small stuff.  She tells him to have a good life.  (So just as I thought last week.  He was lying about dying.)


Malik goes to his ex-girlfriend's photo shoot to get her back.  He says it wasn’t just a rehab hookup and that he loves her.  He tells her that he set up that fake photo shoot so he could see her and she is embarrassed. 


Derwin sets up a meeting with the new potential Quarterback and brings Jason in to help convince him to come to San Diego, since he’s a huge Jason Pitts fan. 


Melanie invites Tasha over under the guise of just relaxing.  She says that she isn’t sure about her representing both Malik and Derwin and that she would rather Tasha focus on Derwin.  Tasha tells Melanie that wants her to choose and that she knows nothing about loyalty.  Mel says that she convinced Derwin to sign with her when her career was nowhere.  Mel fires Tasha.  Tasha throws Twizzlers at Mel and walks out. 


Kirkland (the QB) signs with San Diego.  He says that he plans to turn that shameful season around.  At the press conference Jason sees Camille.  They agree to meet up later.  Camille then goes and kisses the new QB and says they will meet Jason later.  (Does Stacey Dash age??) 


Jenna shows up at Malik’s house drunk.


Mel and Derwin go to the doctor.  The doctor asks her a series of questions about her past, including whether she's had an abortion and she says no.  After the doctor leaves, Derwin asks Mel if the abortion was his and she says nothing.  (Wow.  I guess he knows her well enough to know when she's lying.)


Well, what did you guys think?  Did the finale live up to the hype?  Did the season live up to your expectations?  Was BET's The Game worth the fight?  Will you watch if there is a Season 5?


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1 danelle March 30, 2011

i think that the season was worth it. of course there were some boring moments in the season. But i would defintily watch season 5 to see what happens to Mel and Derwin along with Derwin and Janey over the custody issue with his baby. I also want to know what happens to brittany (jason and kelly's daughter) and what happens to kelly.  i didnt really care much about Malik this season because he was a complete ass for most of the season and yes it's sad what happened to him but i really dont care (however i do love him in all the other seasons). hopefully there is a season 5 because i would definitly watch it.

2 Girl TD March 30, 2011

Tasha clued us in when she said that whenever Melanie says "definitely" somethings up.  And at the doctors office she answered "definitely, no" to the abortion question.  That's how Derwin knew.

3 Viance Madden March 30, 2011

Exactly and that man was lying to Tasha saying he had Cancer and having her run around in her Bra and Underware he had kids and a wife and his name was not even Bo it was jhon or something like that and he made her cry thinking he was dead " Sorry We Didnt Make It To India " what kind of trifelin person dose that 

4 game rules April 5, 2011

hey does anyone no the song when jenna gets outta the car in the last episode? Also the song where sabers boss finds out that his wife was sleeping with malik.

5 Cutie April 6, 2011

its called Flashlight by Syd the kid! (the song jenna playing)
don't know the otha song

6 Tamara April 6, 2011

Thanks!! :-)

7 Cutie April 6, 2011

*kyd* i meant…here is the link to it 

8 Cutie April 6, 2011

you more than welcome =)

9 mel April 7, 2011

it worth it…i'd def watch season 5…dis da only sensible soap opera on TV now anyway but full of laughs

10 cassid April 8, 2011

Oh hell, I can't wait to see more.  They have got me on my toes.

11 Lovely tiff April 11, 2011

do anyone know the song when jenna was doing her photo shoot ?

12 CS May 20, 2011

OF COURSE ill watch season 5 i cant wait! i want to see more of derwin and melanie.

13 MYRA June 2, 2011


14 Tabby August 28, 2011

My one question and i have been trying to figure this out since the last episode is when the heck was her abortion…because i have been a loyal fan of this show from the beginning and just do not remember any hint of it in the past seasons….

15 Tamara August 28, 2011

That’s a good question. I can’t wait to find out whose baby it was!

16 cassondra September 12, 2011

hey im a fellow fan of this show and my take is i bet the baby belonged to trey…. do you remember when she went to treys house after fighting with derwin? but who knows ? its not maliks because they didnt do anything she jus got in his bed when they were all living at tashas house, or it could have been the cable guy that she banged when she became the new melanie…lol but now really thinking about it , it could have been that doctor that she banged at the hospital. but me personally believe that it definitely wasnt derwins baby …. hell it might even been jaromes baby…  but hopefully now that Tia has had her baby in REAL life maybe they are going to be pregnant in season five because if COREY (her husband in real life) agrees with it she and derwin can play family with her actual baby so that it would be more realistic for television, instead of some fake as plastic doll all wrapped up until they find a Real baby to put in there arms lol…. theres my take ….just throwing some m***** f-*-*-* "MACnificent" ideas out there fa ya from TX.
peace love happiness and most of uplift the one that gave you life this morning!

17 ms. cuttie pie October 6, 2011

first i just wanna say who the hell knows whose baby it might be. she f***** so many dudes when she
became the "new melanie" ya gurl waz wallin out

18 EVELYN January 11, 2012

Hay does anyone kno the ending song whn Malik goes into rehab? Cus I got that song stuck in my head I jus dnt kno the name of it =(

19 Monet January 13, 2012

Hey does anyone knows whats the name of the song when jeanna had a fake photo shoot cause that song was in my head but dont know what its called

20 Monet January 13, 2012

I found it its called our own world by Dani Wright

21 Angie January 14, 2012

I'm going insane tryna find the song that plays when Malik and Jenna walk outside at the very end of "Never Surrender" [season 4 episode 10]. 
Sounds like:
"She sparkles and she gleams,
more or less a fantasy,
I've been sweatin for too long,
just let it flow downstream"
I'm pretty convinced it was made just for the show, but does anybody know the title/artist of it?

22 Tamara January 14, 2012

I’ve been trying to find the names of these songs, but I’m having no luck so far. If I find out, I’ll be sure to post the info.

23 Evelyn February 25, 2012

the song is >>> flashlight – syd tha kyd

24 Kier March 27, 2012

It's by Rick Ross. It's called I'm only human.

25 tracy September 7, 2013

Hey does anybody know the name of the song that Derwin was playing in his car the night him Malik, Tasha, kwan and the owner had a meeting. Please somebody help me

26 Ray August 29, 2014

Does anyone know the name of that song in the beginning when Malik and TT are in Malik’s house and they’re talking and watching the stripper “Lasagna” dance?

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