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3 Mar

BET’s The Game – Episode 409

This episode caused a lot of chatter, so let's jump right into it.  If you haven't seen this episode, you can catch it online at BET.com. 




Malik is a guest on The Monique Show and expresses his love for his new supermodel girlfriend he met in rehab (he does the “Tom Cruise” on Monique's couch).  He also talks about how much he’s changed since entering rehab.  (Even though it's nice that he's reeled in his bad boy behavior which had gotten way out of control, it seems like he's lost what we loved about his character.)


Parker, the coach’s wife, wants to hook up with Malik again, but he says he’s a changed man.  She suggests inviting the girlfriend to join their little party.


The Sunbeams read their husbands' fan mail, which includes naked photos and panties.  Jazz tells Melanie that as long as she takes care of things in the bedroom, she won’t have to worry about other women. 


Derwin returns to his hotel room after a game to find a women in lingerie waiting on his bed.  Melanie demands to be put on speakerphone and tells her to get out.  Derwin says this has happened many times to Melanie's surprise. 


Melanie decides that Jazz was right and asks her to hook her and Derwin up with a threesome.  (Now, it's one thing to try to spice it up a little, but Melanie considering a threesome just seems way out of character for her.  I can't imagine this being the first thing she decides to try.)


Malik finds Parker in his room.  He tells her again that he is no longer interested and she threatens to tell her husband, but Malik reminds her of the infidelity clause in her prenup which will leave her with nothing.  She then screams "rape" and proceeds to destroy the room.


Jazz and Melanie go to the club to pick out a woman for the threesome.  A woman approaches Melanie and asks if she's Melanie Davis and says that she saw her photos in a magazine.  Melanie decides that she's cute enough for a threesome, but not too cute that she will steal her husband, so she asks her if she would like to join her and Derwin for a threesome.  The woman agrees…


I normally post my recaps and commentary on Touchdown Tuesdays, but I was a day late watching this episode so it's landing on Tease 'Em Thursday.  If any episode deserves to be on this day, this was probably the perfect episode since Melanie decides that she can't go through with the threesome at the very last minute. 


A lot of talk that I'm hearing about this episode is that it is way over the top, that The Game is going in the wrong direction, and that it is unrealistic for a woman to make it into a player's hotel room.  I thought it was a good episode and I can deal with unrealistic, after all, it is TV.  As a lawyer who has watched many legal television shows, I've seen lots of unrealistic things, but that's what makes it TV.  Sometimes stretching reality a bit is what brings the added drama that keeps us coming back for more.   


So tell me, what are your thoughts about this episode?



Tamara Marbury
  • denise

    Omg do you know what the name of the song at the end of this episode is? I've benn looking for days now lol.

    March 3, 2011 at 10:45 pm
  • Ciara V.

    I thought it was one of the better ones this season! Definitely had more of a tone from the previous couple of seasons minus the threesome thing which was a little off the wall for girl melanie's character.

    March 7, 2011 at 7:40 pm
  • Kari B.

    I have looked nonstop to find out the song. It is Beautiful Sex (I Want You So Deep) by Dani Wright. Now that I just found it I can't wait to hear more of Dani's music.
    BTW Women getting into hotel rooms is very realistic. We've always heard ccrazy stories from musicians and athelets about walking into their room to find naked girls. Groupies have no boudaries. They'll give hotel employees or roadies some in exchange to get access to guys that are balling.

    April 13, 2011 at 12:40 am
  • JustusC


    June 1, 2011 at 12:31 pm