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22 Feb

BET’s The Game – Episode 404-407

 Since I've missed posting my recaps for the last 3 episodes I decided to combine them all in one post along with the recap from this week's episode.  If you've missed any episodes, BET is now posting the full episodes online.


Episode 404


Malik finds a new assistant.  (And her acting is AWFUL.  Thank goodness it's one and done for her.)


Melanie plans a charity career day event to be hosted at her home for at-risk girls.  She says that she will speak about her rise to success in the medical field.  (Give it up, Melanie.  You got your upgrade by marrying a ball player.)


Jazz wants to speak about her days as a video girl and Melanie quickly shuts her down and puts her on refreshments instead.


Tee-Tee tries to help Malik's new assistant.  He and Malik have a run in and Tee-Tee gives Malik the money back that he loaned him for the wing truck.  Malik says he can wipe his *ss with it. 


The girls are not interested in Melanie's presentation, but instead recognize Jazz and are more interested in what she has to say about being a video girl. 


Malik's Rolex is missing and his non-acting assistant pulls it out of her cleavage at which time he fires her.  (Best thing he's done all season.)


Jazz calls Melanie on her stuff and says they are in the same place, both married to ball players.  She tells Melanie she's just insecure and likes bringing other women down.  Melanie later learns a few moves from Jazz.  (Shake, shake, shake…)


Malik is downing pills and liquor.  He later gets pulled over by the cops and is asked to do a breathalyzer.  He gets in a scuffle with the cop, gets tasered, and ends up in jail. 


Episode 405


Malik meets with the owners and they tell him that he should get no more than probation and a slap on the wrist.


Tasha has a talk with Malik post-arrest.  Tasha puts her manager hat on and tells Derwin that he can’t be seen with Malik for his own image. 


Jason does a story on Malik’s arrest from inside a jail cell. 


We see Derwin’s Nike commercial.  (BOOM!)


The owner’s wife tells Malik that they plan to let him go to prison so they can release him from his contract. She tells him he needs to go to rehab to help his case.  He insists that he is not an addict and says that he will just pack up and go to another team. She tells him that no team will want him like this. 


Malik does an interview with Jason and completely loses his cool and tells everyone they can go to hell.


Malik asks Derwin to stand behind him at a press conference to help his image. 


Melanie tells Derwin she fell in love with the Derwin who is there for his family and friends and that he should go to the press conference.


Malik apologizes at the press conference and admits he has a problem and is going to rehab.


Derwin doesn’t show up at the press conference, but instead watches it on TV and Melanie asks him if he’s ok and he says no. 


Episode 406



 Derwin spends time with DJ and Janay.  (Now, something tells me Melanie would not approve of this.)


Dante gets on Tasha about wasting her money. She says she’s rich and he says she’s hood rich. Tasha says she’s a baller. They argue about her spending habits and he walks out of the restaurant on her.


Derwin spends more time with DJ and Janay. (Note: Janay drinks from Derwin’s plastic cup with his permission. It’s the little things that start to add up…You're getting into a gray area with, Janay.)


Janay says Melanie isn’t a real doctor and after insisting she is still a doctor, Derwin then jokes along with her about Melanie pretending to be a doctor.  (Little Thing #2)


Derwin picks up lunch for Janay.  (Little Thing #3)


Tasha orders a bottle of Cristal in celebration of her new Maserati. 


Melanie thanks Janay for allowing them to take DJ to Disneyland and Janay says that her never said anything about THEM taking DJ, just Derwin.  Melanie says she’s lying and talks about her dragging Derwin to court everyday.  Janay says that they haven’t been to court, but that he’s been at her house everyday spending time (i.e. playing house) with them.  (Yep, just as I thought.  Melanie had no idea.  And Melanie, come on.  Did you really think he was in court everyday?)


Melanie shows Derwin video from his time at Janay’s house to bust him on it.


Derwin goes to Janay's house and calls her out about posting the video on the gossip website.  Derwin says he’s been keeping both of them happy.  Janay calls Derwin on his stuff and says he’s not going to make her out to be the bad guy and him the victim. Derwin apologizes and says that maybe they should have just gone to the lawyers to work things out. Janay tells him he’s always sorry.


Melanie says the only way they are going to get through this is with forgiveness.  Melanie and Derwin admit that they are so messed up (and Melanie admits that she spit in his food). 


Episode 407


Kelly comes around and its clear that she wants to be part of the Sunbeams again.  (She is having a serious identity crisis.)


Tasha gets a message from Rick that he would like to see her.  She gets excited and pretends that the only reason she wants to see him is to show him how well she’s doing with her new man.


Derwin and Jason find Malik out drinking at a club and ask him what he’s doing there. Malik tries to fight them and Derwin ends up punching him and they drag him out of the club and back to rehab (after Malik resists but then breaks down and lets them take him back).


Dante busts Tasha waiting at the restaurant for Rick and says Rick isn’t going to make it after all. He breaks up with Tasha.


Kelly crashes a Sunbeam party, but none of the Sunbeams want her there and pressure Melanie to stick to her rules and tell her she’s not invited.  Melanie lets her stay and everyone else eventually leaves. Kelly tells Melanie that she’ll get the hang of being President and Melanie let’s her know it's all her fault that everyone left and that she’s looking pathetic by trying to hang around the Sunbeams now that she’s no longer a member.


Episode 408


Melanie and Tasha try to tell Kelly that they still want to hang out with her because she’s their girl outside of Sunbeams. 


Kelly’s reality show is quickly falling apart since she no longer has a baller or the Sunbeams in her life.


Kelly shakes her cakes on Fabolous in the club for the cameras and it ends up online.  Jason threatens to take Brit if she doesn’t quit her show.


Kelly finds a picture of Brittany in a bikini online and tells her that’s not ok.  Brittany says she’s a hypocrite, because she has a video on the net.  (Brit’s attitude is way out of control and needs to be reeled in real quick.) 


Malik falls for a woman in rehab with him.  (Two addicts together…That’s not really going to work.)


Malik goes to Tee-Tee’s wing truck and apologizes.  Tee-Tee’s girl (the one Malik slept with) is there working beside Tee-Tee and Tee-Tee says the heart wants what the heart wants.  (It’s about time you apologized, Malik.  Thank you!)


Kelly admits to Jason that she’s having a hard time moving on from her life as his wife and asks him to let Brittany lives with him for a while so she can find herself.  Jason agrees.  (Please go and find the old Kelly and don’t come back without her.  Thanks.)   

Tamara Marbury
  • just mary

    what is jazz real name?

    March 2, 2011 at 7:26 pm
  • JC


    I am trying to find out who the designer is for that white ensemble Kelly wore at the listening party for Fabolous in episode 408. Would you happen to know?

    And I think your recaps are great and agree…this season is SLOOOOWWWW.


    March 23, 2011 at 7:37 am