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6 Jan

How Would You Rate the Quarterbacks?

The stylish folks over at Women's Wear Daily launched a new section today called Mensweek and what better way to kick it off than with football!  They decided that regular quarterback ratings aren't good enough, so they assembled their own Fashion-Football Panel to establish their own quarterback rating system.  Based on a 100 point scale, the Panel took into account Football Considerations such as Style of Play and Importance to Team, and Non-Football Considerations such as Personal Style, including Hair, and Overall Hunk Factor.  They also took into account Negatives, such as Legal Woes and Jerk Quotient.  There are a total of 10 Football and Non-Football Considerations allowing for 100 points with Negatives being subtracted from the total score, with a maximum of 20 points being deducted from the score. 


The quarterbacks rated were limited to those scheduled to start for their team in the post-season.  Since the Seattle Seahawks had not announced their starting quarterback at the time Mensweek went to press, they included both Matt Hasselbeck and Charlie Whitehurst.  The panel was a little tough in some areas and they admitted fan bias in other areas.  So how did your team's quarterback stack up?  Check out the overall ratings column in the chart below:



A few things to note:

(1)  There was only one 10 given to any quarterback in any category and that was given to Michael Vick.  Vick earned a 10 for Excitement Factor.

(2)  I'm assuming they refused to give any quarterback lower than 0.5 in the Legal Woes category. 

(3)  The Seahawks were given 2 chances and both of their quarterbacks landed near the bottom.



Tamara Marbury
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