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20 Dec

VH1’s Football Wives: Episode 108 (Season Finale)

The finale opens with the ladies (plus Pilar but minus Chanita) at the Aloft Hotel.  Erin invites the women for cocktails.  She says it sucks that they waste their energy arguing so she wants to get them out.  She invites them to New York for a girls' trip.  Amanda says maybe it’s just the thing to help put the bad feelings behind them.  They call Chanita and she says, “Hold up.  Everybody’s trying to go?”  They tell her yes, even Pilar.  Dawn says not even Pilar is going to ruin this one.   


They go out for drinks the first night there and toast to New York.  Amanda asks Brittany what she wants to see since it’s her first trip to New York.  Brittany says she wants to see Central Park and do some shopping.  Some of the ladies are chatting with Pilar (Erin hugs her) and Chanita is clearly annoyed, because the other ladies “sit there like Pilar has never done anything to them, not shown up, acting like she’s better than us”, but Chanita says fake is not in her vocabulary.  Dawn says that the tension between Pilar and Chanita is so thick you could cut it with a knife and Pilar better hope Chanita doesn’t have one.  Dawn and Chanita talk on the side and Dawn wants Chanita to understand that the anger towards Pilar is poisoning her.  Dawn says that while Chanita is being pissed off, Pilar is over on the couch chilling.  Dawn says this trip is already off to a rocky start.   


The next day they go shopping.  Pilar says that Erin hooked them up with a fabulous showroom that’s super exclusive where only buyers can get in and she is so ready to see what they have for her.  (Fashion note: Pilar is wearing a cute “I Heart Two A Days” shirt.)  The ladies start trying stuff on and Amanda tries on a necklace and takes a picture of herself wearing it.  She looks at it and says “with a triple chin. Isn’t that great.”  Pilar tries on a shiny silver skintight dress.  (Don’t do it, Pilar.)  Dawn smirks and Amanda rolls her eyes as Pilar walks out wearing the dress.  Amanda says she totally looks like a mermaid on steroids.  Dawn asks, “What’s that saying, money don’t buy you class?”  All of the ladies walk out to the limo while Pilar finishes making her purchases.  (That silver dress better not be in that bag.)  Melani says that they get in the limo and immediately Dawn was pissed off.  Melani says that Pilar is taking her own sweet time as usual and making them all wait.  Pilar says there are so many fashions and not enough time, so what’s a girl to do? 



Chanita and Dawn break free from the group, because they didn’t come to New York to be trapped in a limo the whole trip.  They go to a tattoo shop. Chanita wants to get a biblical tattoo as a reminder to walk in love and forgive even though she continues to get tested.  She gets “Saved” on the back of her neck.  She says anyone who loves Jesus isn’t afraid to ink it.  (Huh?  I love Jesus, but I'm not getting a tattoo.)    



The ladies go out that night except Amanda because she says her leg really hurts from the NYC walking and shopping.  (I get the feeling that she just needs a drama free night.)  Pilar joins them downstairs and she isn’t dressed to go out either.  She says she has to chill and can’t do another night out.  Dawn says this is typical Pilar; it’s not all about her so why should she come.  Dawn says she didn’t come all the way to New York to sit in her hotel room.  They meet up with Jay, the girlfriend of Nick Folk who was the kicker for Dallas, but is now with New York, who shows them the nightlife in New York.  In the limo, Dawn asks why did the other girls decide not to come out.  Dawn says Amanda has a valid excuse.  Erin says Pilar never goes out.  Dawn says, “this is New York.  She’s likely doing something tonight, just not with us.”  Erin says Dawn and Chanita immediately start talking smack about Pilar as soon as they get in the limo.  Dawn says she’s being nice “by even speaking to the bitch, ok so lets get that straight”.  (Whoa. Well. Alright then.)   Erin says that Jay is going to think they are all crazy. (Erin is clearly embarrassed and so over it just as much as I am.)  Dawn says it’s a lot better when Pilar isn’t there.  The ladies proceed to work it out on the dance floor. 


Melani and Pilar go for a walk and Melani ask Pilar how she feels about what's been happening.  She says that some of the women haven’t always treated Pilar the best, but some of it is Pilar’s fault too.  She says she shuts down and doesn't give people the best that she has to offer.  Pilar says they have their own football wives club and talk about people behind their backs and it’s immature and ignorant.  Melani says she will not be playing Don King in that fight between Pilar and Chanita.   



Dawn asks if they are expecting more for dinner or if it will just be them.  Chanita says that she’s staying positive because she had a ball last night.  Dawn says the right people were there last night, but that they missed Amanda.  Chanita says that being around Dawn and Will she’s gotten a better understanding of what it’s like for Dawn having an autistic child.  She gives them all puzzle pieces, which is the national symbol for autism.  Dawn is really touched by it and says that she looks around the table and knows she’s amongst friends.  Brittany asks, "Where’s Melani?"  Chanita says she hasn’t seen her all day.  Dawn asks why they didn’t go out with them.  Chanita asks why would she even expect Pilar to go out with them.  They see Melani and Pilar walk up and Dawn says she can feel the joy suck out of her. 



 Melani asks if they ordered their dinner.  Chanita says that they didn’t know they were coming.  Pilar says it's obvious that nothing nice is going to come around this group.  Melani asks if they can resolve their issues.  Pilar says Dawn has that green-eyed monster tearing her up inside.  Chanita says Pilar can’t get to know someone if she doesn't speak and is rude.  She says she doesn’t ever talk to any of them.  Pilar asks why should she talk to them if they keep talking about her.  Pilar says the only one who keeps lying is Chanita.  Chanita says Pilar is miserable.  Pilar says Chanita is miserable.  Chanita says that they have a great time when Pilar isn’t there.  Pilar says she’s going to give them what they want and gets up and leaves.  Melani tries to stop her.  Amanda says that she feels bad and asks, “How do you have a voice over 5 other people?”  (Whaaat?  Is Amanda feeling sorry for Pilar??)  Pilar cries (well, I heard the shaky voice and the sniffles, but I could not confirm whether there were any actual tears) and says it's so hard sometimes and people look at her like she has to have some type of image and she can’t live up to that. 




Dawn says that Pilar has disrespected her and Melani cuts her off and tells Dawn she stood up (true), she cursed at her (true), she threw a cookie at her (true), and when she walked away at horse riding, she says she called her a “bitch” (also true).  Dawn says, “Call me a bitch. I don’t care. Don’t call me sweetie.”  (Yeah, I would have shut that sweetie, honey, darling stuff down a long time ago.)  Dawn says, “I am a bitch, that’s what I am.”  Melani asks Dawn if she goes into her law firm and says, “Bitch what, Bitch this”?  Dawn gets upset, jumps up, and points her finger at Melani and tells Melani to stop and that she’s disrespecting her career and asks what if she talks about her singing.  (Meanwhile, Erin and and Brittany look like they wish the floor would open up and swallow them.  I don't blame them.)  Melani tells her that’s not the point and she's taking it somewhere else.  Dawn storms out.  Melani goes out after her.   



Dawn says this is coming from someone she considered a friend and was probably more hurtful than anything Pilar could ever say to her.  Melani goes after Dawn and asks her not to walk away.  Chanita says, “Now my friend is crying” and leaves the restaurant and tries to get Dawn to leave with her.  Melani tells her to leave Dawn alone.  Melani asks Dawn not to walk away from there thinking that she would try to demean her in any way.  She says she’s human, she’s trying to communicate, and wants to get along.  She says that she gets tired of coming out and having to deal with the Pilar and Dawn fight.  Melani says it's unfortunate that their differences are tearing them apart and asks how is she going to get the relationships back to where they were.  Melani says it doesn’t matter what Chanita says and Chanita immediately says, “Why are you bringing Chanita into this?”  Melani says, “You just said 'Hmm.'”  Chanita says, “You’re funny though, Melani."  Melani tells Chanita that she’s not in control right now and she can’t control her.  Chanita says now she’s pissing her off and she’s tired of being ran over.  She says that they don’t have to be friends.  Chanita says if Melani isn’t going to take up for her when she is the loud, ghetto girl then they are not friends.  (How did this night turn into this?)  Amanda says this arguing she can’t do anymore. She doesn’t fight like that and she doesn’t get ghetto.  (Ha.  Amanda is inferring that they got ghetto.  Well…)  Amanda says, “You are who you hang out with.”  She says she’s done.  Melani says she feels like she lost some of her friends and doesn’t know where they go from here. Dawn says she had high hopes for the trip and doesn't know where it goes from here.  She says football has always been a big part of their lives, but maybe it's time to move on.  Chanita says she loves all of the women with one exception.  She says there are a lot of things she has to work on personally, but at this point it's time to walk away.  Pilar says some of the women are mad about where they ended up in life, but even in their have not situations, they have more than so many others.  Melani says no one is willing to give.  Amanda says she’s all about sisterhood, but all of the bickering and fighting and arguing…She says that the Bible says that where there are two or more gathered in my name, there will I be and wants to know if they will even have two left.  (That's the end??  Reunion??  Season 2??)






Tamara Marbury
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