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21 Dec

The NFL Lockout Just Became Personal

Ok, the title is a little misleading.  The NFL Lockout has been personal.  A lockout will not only affect players and their families, but it will also affect so many other people whose jobs are related to professional football.  It will affect the local ticket takers who lost their full-time jobs and took this job in order to have some form of income.  It will affect the local hotels and restaurants that expect an influx of patrons when there is a home game and the sports bars that show all the games on their big screens in order to draw crowds on Sundays.  It will even affect the dry cleaner who counts on his celebrity client to bring his gameday suits in for cleaning.  A lockout will mean no Sunday, Monday, and Thursday football games (what will I watch??  Baseball?  No.  Basketball?  I guess.  Real Housewives of (insert city)? Yep, but I want my football too.).  It will mean no Fantasy Football (and no smack talk, of which I participate in regularly).  Sigh.  I don't like the thought of any of this. 


Last night I participated in a twitter chat with George Atallah, the NFL Players Association Assistant Executive Director of External Affairs, and one question that I asked him is what can fans do; the same fans who turn to Sunday afternoon football as a way to escape their own financial and career worries; the same fans who will sit out in 20 degree weather to cheer on their favorite team; the same loyal fans who year after year never quit their team, even when it feels that their team has quit them. 


Well, his answer was simple:  "Sign the petition at NFLLockout.com.  Tell your friends.  Tell your 3rd cousins."  So I'm telling you all–my readers, my friends.  I have a lot of cousins, George.  It might shut the site down.  I'm also going to tell my family.  While you're there signing the petition (it takes about 30 seconds), be sure to check out "What Is This Lockout About?" and "What Is This Lockout NOT About?" so that you're well informed on the issues. 



Tamara Marbury
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