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22 Dec

Life After Football Wives: Post-Season Finale Interview with Dawn Neufeld

Tamara:  Thank you for agreeing to do a follow-up interview with Blitz And Glam.  Now that the season has ended, what do you think?  Do you think Football Wives helped or hurt the image of wives and girlfriends of football players?


Dawn:  Well, I can assure you that there are plenty of real-life wives of active and retired players shouting from the rooftops that they wouldn’t act like we did on the show and that the show doesn’t reflect their reality. Heck, half the time in didn’t reflect mine either.  The focus on the drama definitely can’t help our image, but it is what it is.  People need to understand we weren’t representing all football wives – we were representing Dawn, Chanita, Pilar, Erin, Brittany, Amanda and Melani.  And our “representation” was done for the sake of entertainment.  If anyone is interested in getting involved and thinks they can do a better job telling our reality, let me know! 


Tamara:     What is your opinion of the how you were portrayed? 


Dawn:   This is a tough one because I have very mixed feelings about my portrayal.  I think on the one hand, I was shown to be the woman I am – strong-willed, educated and not likely to put up with other people’s crap.  But these same attributes seem to have come across to some as me being bitter and jealous which can’t be further from the truth.   


Tamara:   What was your favorite moment of filming that we didn’t get to see during the eight 22 minute episodes?


Dawn:   The vow renewal with Ryan was pretty special.  Being surprised with such a wonderful ceremony was truly a gift. And I was thrilled that my dress still fit and that I got to wear it again.  I’d pick that same Amsale dress all over again today.


I have to say though that my favorite moment from filming had to be the night in New York when I went out with Chanita, Erin, Brittany and Jay.  It had been a long time since I’d had that much fun.  We went to three different clubs that night and stayed out until after four in the morning.  We went to Times Square on our way back to the hotel and it was empty.  When is Times Square ever empty?  Apparently at four in the morning.   



Tamara:   In the season finale, we saw things get heated between you and Melani.  How is your relationship now?


Dawn:    Melani and I are fine.  Melani is a peacemaker and she hated that there was conflict between any of us.  Viewers didn’t see us sitting on the boat (aka the Cookie Cruise) talking after the heated argument between Pilar and I.  Melani was very upset – she was crying.  She just wanted all of us to get along.


We’d talked before our trip to New York about how out of control things had gotten on the boat.  I expressed to her my concerns about how editing of the show might negatively affect my career as an attorney.  She told me she understood and that she was tired of cast members being thrown under the bus for the sake of good television.  When we were sitting in that restaurant in New York, I was initially bothered by the fact that Melani was challenging me on my behavior in front of everyone and never confronted Pilar or asked her to own up to her behavior in front of the group.  After Pilar left, Melani made the comment about how I wouldn’t go into a courtroom and call someone a “bitch.”  She knows I wouldn’t.  And I think she knew right away that she’d gone somewhere she shouldn’t have, which is why she was quick to apologize.  I know she was just trying to prove a (valid) point, but I was upset and felt like she’d thrown me and my career under the bus. I still think Melani chose to pick someone else’s battle and I wish she wouldn’t have.   


Tamara:    Almost every episode showed you and Pilar in heated arguments.  People have said, "Dawn's jealous of Pilar" and "Dawn's just mad because she's broke and Pilar's not."  Did you ever look at any of the episodes and think, "Wow, I can see why they would say that"? 


Dawn:    Absolutely.  Ryan and I were very transparent about the financial toll transitioning into life after football takes on most football players and their families, many of whom didn’t make anything near what Deion made during his career.  It’s a lot easier to make the transition when you’ve got millions sitting in the bank.  In just about every episode, we discussed money and how Ryan’s injury and pending retirement affected our financial situation.  In contrast to our reality, we see Pilar who seemingly has no financial concerns.  It’s a good story for conflict, and I think the show focused on the assumed jealousy way too much. 


I think it is easy to assume that I was jealous of Pilar because Deion has money.  I think a lot of viewers wish they had Pilar’s life, which is why it would be easy for them to call me jealous.  But I keep making this point and I want people to hear it loud and clear – if money is my alleged motivation for being jealous, wouldn’t I be hating on Amanda Davis?  She and Leonard have big money and she and I are good friends. 


I learned a long time ago that there are far more important things in life than money.  Ask the mom who has lost a child to cancer if she’d trade all the money in the world to have her child back.  And I’ve known and met a lot of people over the years with big money who are miserable.  Having a lot of it sure helps, but it doesn’t guarantee happiness.  I wouldn’t trade my life for Pilar’s, so there’s nothing to be jealous about.   


Tamara:   I have to admit that after a while, I even said, “Enough already.”  Looking back do you wish that you had handled any of the situations differently?


Dawn:   I think these are two different issues.  Was I tired of the Pilar vs. Dawn and Chanita storyline?  You bet, especially because I experienced so many other interesting things throughout production that would’ve made much better television.  The conflict got old.  The truth is Chanita and I don’t get along with Pilar, but we certainly didn’t spend four months during production focusing on it.  But the way the show was edited, it sure did look that way. 


The one situation I know I would’ve handled differently was the argument with Melani.  I still don’t like that she and I got into that argument.  Now the cookie incident…In hindsight, I wouldn’t have wasted a perfectly good chocolate chip cookie on Pilar. 


Tamara:   Has there been any communication between you and Pilar since filming wrapped?  Are you still open to sitting down with her to try to talk out your differences?


Dawn:   There has been no communication between Pilar and any of us.  None of the official cast members have heard from her since we wrapped back in October.  I was open to sitting down with her initially, but I heard something a while back that really disturbed me.  Pilar was on a morning radio show and in her misguided effort to destroy my credibility and character, she talked about my kids.  She even referenced my son with autism tantruming on the show.  I’m sorry – kids are ALWAYS off limits in my book.  Talk about me all you want – don’t talk about my kids.  Until she owns up to her inappropriateness and apologizes, we have nothing to talk about. 


I do hope her comment might be a teachable moment for her.  She does a lot of charity work, and I suggest she spend some time with children with autism.  I bet she won’t be so quick to blame their behavior on their parents.


I’d sit down and talk with Pilar under one condition – if we were both hooked up to lie detector tests while we talked.  That would be a good way to make sure fans were getting the truth! 



Tamara:   In the first interview, I asked if you would take part in a second season.  Now that the first season is over and assuming that there will be a Season 2, would you still want to take part in it?


Dawn:   I have to be honest with you – after watching the season finale, I’ve got some doubts.  It was very difficult to see me edited into a bitter, jealous, envious human being.  If there is a season two and I’m asked to participate, I’d have to think long and hard about it. 


One thing that bothered me during this is that people always seemed to hold me to a higher standard because I’m educated – I wasn’t allowed to react naturally, cuss, react in anger, etc. to situations because I have a couple of really good degrees.  My nemesis seemingly got a “pretty pass.”   She wasn’t expected to apologize for her behavior because why should she?  It’s not her fault – it’s everyone else being jealous of her that explains and excuses her behavior.  I’m sure there is some sort of psychology surrounding this.  Wish I had some time to read up on it because it’s fascinating. 


Tamara:   As I mentioned in the first interview, I think that a lot of what was shown was "Made-For-Reality TV drama", meaning that if the cameras were not there things likely would not have escalated to the point they did, because in your regular everyday lives, you guys would not have been hanging out together.  You were put in these situations because of the show and personalities clashed.  If there is a second season, would you like to see the show focus more on the wives in your everyday lives, including the relationships with your families and your real life friends?


Dawn:   You bet!  And you’re absolutely right.  This is one thing I don’t know if viewers appreciate – when they are casting these shows, they are looking for personalities that are going to conflict.  We wouldn’t have over a million viewers a week if we were singing folk songs around a campfire.  I’ve been on plenty of boats with friends, have gone on trips with friends, shopped with friends – you name it – and I’ve never experienced the kind of tension and drama that played out in front of the Football Wives cameras.  Our lives are so much richer and deeper and I hope they’ll do a better job to tell that reality if there is a season two. 


Tamara:   There are a lot of critics of Football Wives and of Dawn Neufeld.  How have you dealt with the criticism and what would you like to say to the critics?


Dawn:   Miserably!  I like to think I’m a strong, infallible chick that can put up with just about anything, but at the end of the day, I’m human.  I was prepared for the fact that some viewers might not like me – I’m very direct, I don’t beat around the bush, I cuss, I’m a realist and can totally be a bitch.  But the personal, untruthful attacks took a toll.  I’ve cried and let it get to me more than I’d like to admit.


For the critics, I’d try to explain how hard it is to put your life under a microscope.  Of course I put my business out there and I can expect that people can and will respond.  But opening up my life shouldn’t give people the right to be rude.  I’m someone’s daughter, a mom, a wife, a sister  – before folks embark on anonymous internet tirades, I wish they’d think about how they’d feel if someone they loved were being targeted the way we have. 


Tamara:   What has been the reaction of your family and friends?


Dawn:   My family and friends have been very supportive and they love the show.  Because they know the real me, they aren’t overly concerned with my portrayal on the show.  My mom and sisters were extremely concerned by the comments they read on my blog I posted for VH1 every week though – it was their only opportunity to experience the obsessive hatred certain folks aimed at me, and I hated that it affected them so much. 


Tamara:    Did your colleagues watch the show, and if so, what has been their reaction?


Dawn:    They did and they’ve been supportive.  I can’t be that bad of an attorney if they’ve seen the show and are still sending work my way. 


Tamara:    Give me one word to describe each cast member of Football Wives.  Chanita.


Dawn:    Loyal.


Tamara:    Melani.


Dawn:    True.


Tamara:    Erin.


Dawn:    Fashionista.


Tamara:    Brittany.


Dawn:    Hilarious.


Tamara:    Amanda.


Dawn:    Sistah.


Tamara:    Pilar.


Dawn:    Irrelevant.


Tamara:    Dawn.


Dawn:    Humbled.



Tamara:    One thing that we didn’t discuss during the first interview is that you are a fellow blogger.  Aside from blogging for VH1, you have your own blog called The Gridiron Goddess.  What inspired you to start blogging?


Dawn:    Blogging was a great way for me to keep our family connected while Ryan was in the league.  I started the blog when we were in Buffalo – our families are in California and it was a great way to keep everyone posted about our lives when we were so far away from home. 

I’ve come to value the importance of blogging.  It’s an amazing personal outlet – like keeping a diary of thoughts and happenings.  I recently had a year’s worth of blog posts bound in book form.  It’s incredible to be able to go back and relive the story of our lives.  I’ll continue to do so – my kids, their kids, and so on will benefit from our blogged family story. 


Tamara:    Did your years of blogging about your life and your family prepare you for the cameras?


Dawn:    I guess in some way, yes.  My blog was always public until we went into production for the show, so I was used to writing and telling my story without worrying who was reading it.  Of course, a million people weren’t reading my blog, so it didn’t prepare me at all for the attention the show has brought with it. 


Tamara:    As I’ve shared with you, I’ve read your blog from the first post to the most recent post and reading it is like watching a reality TV show.  One thing that you have been very open about is your son, Will and his autism.  What is the biggest challenge in dealing with autism?  Are you guys still seeing progress?


Dawn:    The biggest challenge with autism is trying to find some way to “fix it” when we don’t know what causes it in the first place.  Traditional therapies like speech and OT work, but those cost money.  We’re very fortunate that we live in a great school district with adequate resources and they are doing a wonderful job.  Because of all of their work, we continue to see improvements.  School isn’t year-round though, and Will does regress during breaks.  Any additional schooling, therapy, etc. would be out-of-pocket since it is excluded under most insurance policies. 


My kid is AWESOME.  Over the years, we’ve learned to appreciate the little things, like tonight when Will grabbed my hand at bed time and led me up the stairs, letting me know he wanted mommy upstairs during bathtime.  We played chase and tickle monster.  To hear him laugh and interact with us and Bryn is just magical.  Those are the good times. 


There are bad times as well though – just a couple of weeks ago Will cried and flipped out for two hours and we couldn’t figure out what set him off.  Who do you call when you need a break from that?  Autism can be very draining and isolating. 


Tamara:    One of my readers, Sarondia V., emailed and said that she has a child who has a learning disability and wants to know if you feel as defensive as she does in ARD meetings when it comes to recognizing the progress her child has made?


Dawn:    I’ve often heard of ARDs being very stressful and contentious.  We’ve somehow been fortunate enough not to have to deal with that.  It may have something to do with the fact that I’m a lawyer and I know what Will is entitled to.  My concern is when I hear how well he is doing – I worry that they will retract some of the services he’s receiving when I know the only reason he’s doing so well is because he’s receiving those services.  In the end, parents are the best advocates for their children, so if you run into something you feel is worth the fight, then by all means, keep fighting! 


Tamara:    So, what’s next for Dawn Neufeld?


Dawn:    A big part of my next chapter involves helping Ryan continue to transition into life after football.  He’s finally hanging up the cleats for good and 2011 will be our first year without football.  We’re both trying to find employment that will allow us to continue to support our family, but it has been very tough in this economy.  We’ve got some very tough financial decisions to make in the near future, like whether to downsize our home.  We pray on it and we know that in the end, everything will work out exactly the way it's supposed to.


I’ve said before that I’m still the same Dawn I was before Football Wives came along.  Now I just have a group of new friends and another chapter written in my life’s story.  Time to just keep being me. 


You can watch missed episodes of Football Wives and read Dawn's Playbook at VH1.com.  If you want to learn more about Dawn, check out her blog, The Gridiron Goddess, for a "glimpse into the uber-glamorous life of a retired NFL/pro-football wife."  Follow Dawn on Twitter @dbn13.


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  • Tamara Marbury
    • MeetchaGweene

      I'd like to address a few points regarding Dawn's answers: first, Pilar during her radio interview spoke of parenting and were not directed towards your children. Pilar commented that we as parents need to set better examples for our children by both words and actions. We can not expect our children to learn how to control themselves when upset if they see us having tantrums and throwing objects and we also can not chastise (jokingly or not) our daughters for climbing and playing on a cat scratch pole because it's too much (in Dawn's eyes) like being on a stripper pole, and then drunkenly climb up on one ourselves and pole dance! Those do as I say and not as I do days are over, kids follow by the examples WE as their parents and adults set before them. How can we expect them to do better if we act out in ways that contradict what they are being told? This was Pilar's point that Dawn edited for her own purpose! The same editing that happened when Melani tried to make a valid point about  Dawn's conduct in public and compared it to her job. It is the same as when a child curses and we ask them if they kiss their Mother with that same mouth, or when we tell them that they wouldn't act or say that if their parents were around. Dawn somehow takes what she wants, instead of listening, and turns it into a personal attack against her. As an "educated" woman and as an attorney, aren't you trained to listen? I find it funny how Dawn finds no problem with talking about Pilar's parenting by comparing it to Chanita's to try and get a negative response from her, yet Pilar speaking about Dawn's parenting turned into an attack on her children especially her son! Dawn did not even hear the interview or read the show's transcripts, she's going off of what other people have told her! That's hearsay at it's best and stupidity at it's worst!
      Second, this show has YET to get over 1 million viewers in a week! The closest they've come is at around 850,000 which happened just once, the other weeks they average in the 400,000 range. So why put out verifiable false information? Just last week for the vow renewal episode, you were boasting about getting your highest ratings ever of around 850,000, quit fooling yourself into thinking that you and show are more important than you really are!

      December 22, 2010 at 10:27 am
    • Dawn

      Tamara – this Meetcha is the same person I've had to block on Twitter for harassing me.  The comments sound eerily similar to those made by a GeRod that comments negatively on all of my VH1 Football Wives blog posts (GeRod spent a long time arguing points in my blog, then made a comment about the size of my forehead – making a personal attack discredits any arguments as far as I'm concerned because it shows bias).  And Meetcha might want to get his or her facts straight – between the morning and evening airings of Football Wives on Sunday, we have consistently had more than 1 million viewers a week – and even had a season high of 1.4 million viewers.
      I reiterate what I said before – I don't care if Pilar was trying to make a point about parenting, leave my kids out of it.  She would never, ever tolerate me saying anything negative about her children, and she should treat me with that same respect.

      December 22, 2010 at 1:02 pm
    • Kai

      Once again, you are being defensive.  You absolutely missed the point of Pilar's comments during the radio interview.  You are ridiculously paranoid. You don't even have your facts straight. I think that you wanted her to be your friend and she didn't want to be. That's her right.  I think that you are used to people running behind you and you found yourself doing that with her.   I really liked you at first.  I am so disappointed.  No one is perfect. But, you fail to see yourself.  That's where the problem lies.  You would never confront Pilar without your "buddies".  Your response to her was mean-spirited.  You signed up for them.  Pilar is not perfect nor innocent.  But you spent way too much time discussing her.  As soon as you got in the limo, you and Chanita began discussing here. THE DAY AFTER YOUR renewal ceremony, you confronted her. To me, and many other, in four months that's too much.  Look at your face on the show.  Look at yourself.  You attacked Melani for no reason. Why were you crying. Maybe you need to be on meds.  Maybe not.  Look at yourself.  No one wanted you to be the bad guy.  You made yourself look like that.  99% of us know that VH-1 edited the show to their benefit.  Also, 99%  of us know that you did yourself in.  Best wishes. 

      December 22, 2010 at 4:59 pm
    • MeetchaGweene

      Dawn the OFFICIAL numbers weekly for the show have never topped 1 million! December 12, 2010 VH1's Football Wives had it HIGHEST ratings ever at 884,000 (0.4). YOU and some of your other co-stars spent that day on Twitter congratulating as well as receiving congratulations on the shows best ratings yet,  along with tweeting these same numbers. Nielsen ratings do add up for the whole day if a show is aired more than once, they look at your time slots. Please check TV Guide, USA Today as well as some other sites who will verify the ratings information I'm quoting. Since when have they ever done cumalative calculations for show ratings? If that were the case then a broadcaster can run the same show all day in order to fudge the numbers…same as you.
      Now as far as personal attacks, COME ON!!! You've been tweeting and blogging personal attacks about Pilar, so the your truism also apply to you? Are all of your points made invalid because of your attacks or does that just apply to those who disagree with your viewpoints?
      You said in your blog that you tried to goad Chanita into an argument by comparing her parenting to Pilar's, so by the same default that you are using you DID talk about Pilar's kids AND once again talked about Chanita's for the second time! And this was all before Pilar said anything on the radio!
      Try spending less time talking about Pilar and entertaining those (EvaMorse) who do the same, and more time talking about you and your family, and I bet you, all of these negative comments will go away! You're only receiving back what you've been putting out! Why don't you block people who make libelous comments (EvaMorse) regarding the Sanders, Deion in particular, instead of encouraging them and giving them a voice?

      December 23, 2010 at 10:08 am
    • Dawn

      Meetcha aka GeRod,
      You always argue that as a lawyer, I don't get my facts straight.  You're so determined to prove me wrong that you fail horribly in your arguments.  I never said that we had over a million viewers on Sunday nights.  I said we've had more than a million viewers every week.  I never specified it was for the Sunday evening show.  So please check YOUR facts and stop twisting my words – we have had over 1 million viewers every week since we aired.
      Your friend Pilar is the one that has RTed negative comments about me and the rest of the cast.  I refuse to RT disparaging comments about others to boost my ego.  And I'm certainly not going to block people because they don't like Pilar and are suppportive of me. 
      Please get a life and stop harassing me, talking negatively about me on Twitter, FB and blogs.  There are truly, truly more important things in the world to worry about.

      December 23, 2010 at 2:32 pm
    • Dawn

      And honestly, your obsession with me is a bit disturbing…

      December 23, 2010 at 2:44 pm
    • Mila

      Dawn, what exactly made you guys so angry with pilar? Im interestd in why they edited it out

      December 24, 2010 at 4:15 am
    • Kim


      Why is it you can give it but can’t take it? Why is it ok for you to say malicious things about Pillar but nobody can say a word about you? Why do you speak about Pillar everyday on Twitter
      but she never speaks about you. You are not even relevant enough for her to respond. Everyone with eyes can see you are consumed with jealousy. Sad…..

      December 24, 2010 at 5:04 pm
    • MeetchaGweene

      LOL!!! Dawn, Dawn…Dawn =0 I'm not obsessed with you, I'm obsessed with YOUR Pilar obsession! It's too much fun pointing out your inconsistencies ans double standards when it comes to her. At one time, I also had plenty to say to Chanita on Twitter, but once I saw that Chanita quit talking nonsense about Pilar and began twitting about herself as well as her charity, I left her alone. If you were to share more about yourself and promoting Autism awareness and spend waaaay less time talking exhaustively about Pilar and how terrible of a person she is/was, I'd have nothing to say. If you have pro Dawn followers who spend every day talking about Pilar along with you, then how is MY responding to what has been said by you, obsessing over you? When comments are made in public forums for all to read and, if they choose, to respond, then why would that disturb you? Don't make public comments if you don't want public responses, it's that simple!
      And while I can agree that Pilar has RT'd some negative comments about you and Chanita on Twitter, she unlike you, has not made one negative comment about anyone of you. EvaMorse has made some comments that really could get her in legal trouble when she was tweeting lies to you about Deion. And even since then, she and you still tweet back and forth and still making negative comments. Not once, even after I called her out on it, have you said anything about her lies or to even to stop with the negative comments. Why wasn't that disturbing to you and why would you continue to communicate with a person who if the Sanders caught wind of what she twitted could end up getting sued? Why would you not block someone who could drag you into some potentially legal matters. I know that you DID NOT comment or even agree with what EvaMorse had said, but it makes you look bad by default.

      December 24, 2010 at 10:55 pm
    • dawn

      A challenge for you since all I every do is talk about Pilar. Find them post them. You will see truth and my take on things – thanks to freedom of speech, I can do so. I can also find tweets that were aimed at us that pilar retweeted/condoned. You keep saying I talk about her, tell me when and how? I have to write my blog and those are my feelings. So get to work – I know meethwa/GeRod already has a list.

      December 26, 2010 at 12:01 am
    • dawn

      And by the way, I don’t know if what you’re claiming Eva is or isn’t saying is truth, so why is it my place to comment?

      December 26, 2010 at 12:03 am
    • Mila

      U never own up 2 ur behavior u find a way 2 turn it arnd on the persn ur mad at

      December 26, 2010 at 7:26 am
    • Kim

      The proof is your timeline on Twitter. You constantly talk about how she treated the cast, how she’s plastic, her behavior, etc. If she is such a non factor, why do you make a public fool of yourself by talking about her every chance or interview you get. You’re right, she repost what others are saying but whenever wastes her energy on addressing your pettiness. She don’t have to because the world can see the facts for themselves. The show can only edit you so much. You will never own up for your actions but I suggest you take a long look in the mirror. Pilar has handled your hate like a class act. The only other person on the show with class is Melani.

      December 26, 2010 at 9:45 am
    • Dawn

      I woke up thinking about the responses to this blog this morning and thought I'd give it one more post. 
      I think as humans, when we're attacked with untruths and lies about ourselves and our character, it is our natural instinct to react and attempt to set the record straight.  However, I also know as a lawyer that when people's minds are already made up, there is very little one can say or do to change their minds.  Viewers saw four months of production chopped and cut into 8 22-minute episodes on the show with an absolute focus on the negativity and not enough focus on the amazing experiences and friendships that formed over during that time.  Many have based their negative opinions of me on what they saw on the show – I can't blame anyone for that.  But I have taken responsibility for my actions – a fact that people seem to ignore.  And I will also continue to stand up for myself and hold other people accountable for their actions when necessary.  If people interpret that as a fault, then there is nothing I can do about that.
      I thank Tamara for her continued support of Football Wives and for the opportunity to share a little bit more about the real me.  I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and I hope 2011 brings you nothing but joy, happiness and peace.

      December 26, 2010 at 10:07 am
    • Kim

      Dawn I will say you started off as one of my favorites. In fact, I think you are a beautiful woman. If the show is renewed maybe you should allow the viewers to see a more authentic view of you. Best wishes. BTW, love your realness about finances.

      December 26, 2010 at 2:12 pm
    • MeetchaGweene

      Dawn, my only reason for pointing out the EvaMorse comments was because so far the Pilar vs. Dawn and Chanita thing has been petty arguments, nothing that serious that could not be worked out. But EvaMorse's comments took it to a different level that I felt went beyond the dynamics of the show. I really did not appreciate EvaMorse involving you in her mess. For me, I would have distanced myself from her statements so that this nonsense would NOT get placed at my doorstep. An ounce of prevention!!!! Please forgive me if I was concerned for you in this matter, I'll let it go!
      I'm sure it may not mean much, if anything, to you, but I do wish you and your family all the best!

      December 27, 2010 at 9:39 am
    • lkanony

      Welll…..I think an "EASY" transition would be for her (AS A LAWYER) to open her OWN law firm, or work FULL-TIME as an attorney and let her husband tend to the kids looking for perhaps sports news or broadcasting jobs…..and I hate to say it BUT….call it editing ALL day long…MOST of the time she and Chanita came across as vengeful, petty, high school girls in regards to Pilar making her VERY "relevant" in contrary to what she's saying now. Furthermore, I hate to say this but I also won't be surprised if she and Chanita are/were laughing about Pilar's divorce. I guess now, Dawn wouldn't have to feel "threatened" so to speak by Pilar's presence and husband's….oh…I mean EX-husband's celebrity and wealth.

      October 11, 2013 at 11:13 pm

    Leave a reply