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29 Nov

VH1’s Football Wives: Episode 106

Pilar and her sister go to the gym.  She says that she wants to release some of the toxicity she’s experienced.  She says that she has to go to her prayer closet, because there is constant arguing and bickering and too much negativity.  Pilar says this is probably why she has been sick; she isn’t used to this stuff around her.  She says it's hard to keep it positive around some of them.  She says she invited them to go horseback riding.  This is another chance to let them into her world and what she likes to do and what she would like to do with all of them. 


The ladies arrive for horseback riding.  Dawn says she had serious reservations after what happened on the boat, but she loves horseback rising.  Pilar says she was surprised to see Dawn and that she actually had the audacity to show up.  (Did she invite them before or after the boat ride?  I give Dawn credit for still going, because I would think it would be too awkward if we hadn't spoken since Cookiegate.)  The ladies have some issues with their horses.  Melani is not comfortable with her horse and decides not to ride.  Pilar calls her a party pooper and Melani said “don’t make me say yo mama.”  (HA!  I think she got it in.)  Dawn says maybe Pilar told the lady to give her the crazy horse and that maybe she’s trying to kill her.


They have lunch after riding and Pilar and Dawn sit across from each other.  Pilar says she doesn’t know how the men stayed on the boat listening to all of that.  Pilar says there is no way her husband would have had all of that nonsense.  Dawn says that Pilar is implying that her husband let it happen.  Dawn says that she has a special needs child and a husband with no job at home and she didn’t come out there to fight.  She invites Pilar to her home to sit down and talk one on one.  (I applaud you for making the effort.)  Pilar says that the way Dawn acted and showed who she was after she got some power juice in her…Dawn says she doesn’t need alcohol to talk to her like that and she’s not scared of her.  Dawn says she wants to be the bigger person and apologizes if she offended her in some way.  Dawn again extends the invitation and Pilar declines.  Pilar says she would be an absolute fool to accept that invitation.  (Maybe a neutral place?  Starbucks anyone?)  Pilar says she kept going at her on the boat.  Dawn asks her if she doesn’t think she was disrespectful.  Pilar gets up to leave and Dawn says she’s always running.  Pilar says that she doesn't need to run and that what she's doing is "saving you, honey."  (Pilar loves to call her honey and sweetheart, but I get a feeling it's not out of love.)  Dawn says that anytime she feels like she’s losing the battle she runs. 



It's the night of the Black Tie event for Chanita's organization, Beyond the Game, that benefits the widows and orphans of Swaziland, Africa.  Candice Crawford, Tony Romo’s girlfriend, is there to host the event.  Amanda says she doesn't know how Chanita pulled that off, but if that doesn't bring in money, she doesn't know what will.  Candice, Amanda, and Brittany talk about the Cowboys and Candice asks if they get nervous watching the games.  Brittany asks her if she gets nervous and she says yes, she does.  Brittany says she thinks it's awesome that Candice came to support Chanita’s event.  Chanita tells the crowd that she went to Swaziland and it changed her life.  She goes back every 3 months.  Chanita says that Melani used her talents and voice to make the event awesome. (GET IT, MELANI!  Why didn't they show more of her performance??)  Chanita says that Melani made the event so special and that they had the opportunity to raise money for a cause really dear to her heart.  Chanita says that as athletes' wives they put their dreams on hold so much and she knows that Melani is called to do something great.  Amanda says the night was such a good time.  She says that they all clicked and it brought them all closer together for a great charity.   



After the event, Chanita took all of the ladies out so she could return the love.  Chanita decides that she needs some fresh air and takes Brittany with her, since she knows how it is when your man is losing and you need a little pep talk.  Chanita asks her how it was after the game.  Brittany says it was a little hectic and definitely the maddest, most frustrated, upset, and sad she's ever seen David.  Brittany says fans are going to be brutal because they aren’t doing well.  She says it’s a very tough spot.  She says David says that it’s the loneliest feeling in the world when one week everyone loves them and he makes one mistake and they don’t.  Brittany says they are 2-0 and Chanita corrects her and says they are 0-2.  Someone walks by and says they will be 0-3.  Chanita says that they will not be 0-3.  Brittany says that David warned her that fans can be a little mean and rude, but she says she didn't expect them to be that bad.  Chanita says that she's married to "False Start Foster" so she's used to dealing with the fans, but this is all new to Brittany.  Chanita goes back and forth with the lady.  Brittany comments that the lady's butt is hanging out and Chanita echoes it and says "that's real classy.  That's why we're 0-2, because people like you are giving them too many distractions.  Wear some panties."  (Didn't Dawn mention in the ambulance episode that Chanita doesn't wear underwear?  Hmm…let me check on that and get back to you.)  Chanita makes a PSA to everyone standing outside and says that athletes' wives don’t want to hear how their husbands suck at their jobs.  She says she doesn't come to their job and tell them they suck, so don't come to their husbands' jobs and tell them they suck. 


Dawn invites Chanita to an event called "Life After Football" where women talk about life after the league.  Chanita says this is Dawn's reality and soon it will be hers.  Right downstairs is a Dallas Wives’ Association banquet where they weren’t invited.  Dawn talks about how they have their husbands listed as UFL players when her husband played in the league 7 years and Chanita's husband is a former first round draft pick.  Dawn says don’t diminish the fact that they've paid their dues.   


Amanda and Leonard invite George and Chanita to dinner at the restaurant they own.  Chanita thinks about the different financial paths the two husbands took.  Chanita asks George if he thinks Leonard lasted longer because in the off season he’s always working out.  George says it’s a lot of things and that he has a young family.  The subject changes to Pilar and Amanda says that there is something in Pilar that restricts her from opening up and she thinks Pilar could be better than that.


The ladies get together for a game of flag football.  Amanda says they need to remember what brought all of them together and that’s football.  The husbands come out to support their wives and to serve as coaches and refs for the game.  Rocket goes through a million rules before they play.  Dawn says Pilar is actually playing nice.  (They even high five each other.  Will it last?  To be continued…)  Brittany says that Dawn and Pilar are making plays together and everyone seems to be having a good time.  Amanda says that change in behavior on Pilar's part was a big surprise.  Pilar says she didn't focus on any misunderstandings they had in the past, but instead focused on having fun.  She says it was a cool night to kick it, enjoy themselves, and play.  Dawn says that she has to forgive her at some point because that's how she moves on and she's working on it.  The final score was 28-28.  (A tie??  I'm thinking a rematch is a must.) 













Tamara Marbury
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