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22 Nov

VH1’s Football Wives: Episode 105

This episode starts with the ladies going to the hospital to check on Chanita.  Amanda says she is not going to finish the fashion show because nothing is more important than finding out if Chanita is ok.  They are all worried and hope its not an aneurysm.  Melani leads them in prayer in the car.  Back at the fashion show, Pilar asks Erin what's going on and says she heard that Chanita had to be rushed to the hospital. She says, “Interesting”.  Her husband texts her and she leaves because that’s more important in her life. 


They get to the hospital and Chanita has already been rushed to the back and only family is allowed back there, but since Amanda has a nursing background she stays back there and let's them know what's going on.  She's had a CAT Scan and different meds.  Amanda says they are not walking in the show because of Chanita.  Amanda says that Chanita is heavily sedated and in good hands so they are leaving and will check on her tomorrow. 


Chanita gets her test results back and it was a severe migraine.  Erin, Melani, Dawn, and Amanda arrive to visit her at home and Erin asks her what happened.  Chanita says that she was literally seeing stars.  Chanita says her husband is on the way home to check on her because he’s worried.  Chanita says that it took an ambulance ride to realize she's not Superwoman.  Melani says because it was Chanita, she was worried.  She says that Chanita is a ball of life and energy so if she's asking for help, it's serious.  Amanda says it made them realize they aren’t invincible and that they need to work together as a sisterhood.  Dawn teases her that the next time she needs to take a nap she doesn’t have to call 911; just let them know and Erin will come and babysit. 


Dawn is playing with her daughter when Ryan calls from training camp and says he felt a pop in his knee.  He thinks it might be his PCL.  Dawn says it's only a 6 week season.  Even though UFL money isn't a lot of money to them, the money he would make in the UFL could pay their mortgage.  They are waiting on the results of the MRI.  Dawn is concerned that this is a season ending injury.  If he gets cut, they get nothing, not a penny. 


George is home and Chanita says this is the first time she hasn't been with him during training camp so she wants to know what's going on.  George says Ryan partially tore a ligament in his knee but it doesn't require surgery and he just had to go rehab it.  Chanita says it doesn’t seem fair that with one wrong step Dawn and her husband can be facing financial difficulty when Pilar is over there riding the Deion money train.  Chanita says even if she knew her worst enemy went to the hospital she would go and see them.  George says Pilar should be trying to hang around Chanita because they are the cool ones.  Chanita says that guests have to go out to the guest house to use the restroom at Pilar’s house.  Chanita tells George that he told Pilar she would love to see her house and Pilar tells her that she will see a another room each time she comes until she sees the whole house.  Chanita says that maybe Pilar just doesn't like her and George tells Chanita to just keep on trucking and that she just needs to know who she’s dealing with when dealing with Pilar.   



Dawn and Melani meet for lunch so Dawn can pick her brain about what life is like after the league.  Dawn says that Ryan’s last year in the Big League was 2007.  Dawn says that the stats are not in their favor after Ryan retires.  At 35 Ryan is starting all over again and he will probably not make the kind of money he was making in the League, even though they were never big players.  Melani says that they need to find what they enjoy doing and the money will come.  Dawn says that Ryan is on his way home from training camp and she doesn’t know what to expect. Are they in or did they just lose his salary for the season? 


Ryan comes home and their daughter greets him at the door.  Dawn is happy he’s home but he's poured his heart and soul into his career.  Dawn says that some of them are planning to go out on a boat later if he wants to come and that George will be there.  He says that they don’t know if he has a job yet.  If you get hurt during the season you get half your contract.  If you get hurt in training camp, you don’t. 


Brittany says the wives always invite her over so she and David invited everyone on the boat, including Pilar.  Amanda says whatever happens on the boat is not going to be good.  The boat has a stripper pole and Dawn, Brittany and Amanda take turns on the pole.  Dawn says any woman who can cook, clean, and spin around the pole, that's hot. 


Brittany’s roommate is moving out and she can’t afford the rent by herself so she’s looking for a new roommate.  David says he would love to move in with her.  Brittany asks him if he’s sure he wants to live with her and he says he’s sure.  Pilar is sitting off by herself.  Amanda goes and talks to her.  She asks her what happened with the hospital and why she wasn’t there.  Pilar says she wasn't even aware and Erin says she asked her what was going on and everyone says, "so she knew".  (Busted.)  Chanita says she's lying.  Dawn says the ambulance was there and she asked what was happening.  Dawn and Pilar go back and forth about it and Pilar tells Dawn "don’t get jazzy with the jazzmaster".  (Let me write that one down.)  Dawn says she's going to tell her what she saw and Pilar says it doesn't matter what she saw.  Dawn throws her cookie in Pilar’s direction.  (Was that a chocolate chip cookie??  Whoa, whoa, whoa.  We don't throw chocolate chip cookies…oatmeal raisin maybe, but not chocolate chip.)   Dawn jumps up and asks Pilar if she thinks she is scared.  Dawn tells Pilar, "this is a group.  Stay out of it."  She tells Pilar "if anyone's going to be off this mother******, it's you."  Pilar tells Dawn to have another drink and sit down.  Pilar says at first she feels a little bombarded, but she's on a boat so what's she going to do.  Dawn says what better place than on a boat where she can't storm off into her minivan with rims.  (A minivan with rims?  The worst.)  Pilar tells Dawn she doesn't know what she's playing with and to calm her little skinny behind down and shut up.  Dawn says if you look up the definition of "bitch" in the dictionary, Pilar fits the description.  Amanda tells Dawn to hush and let her finish.  Amanda tells Pilar that she doesn’t talk to people with respect.  Pilar says they don’t talk to people with respect.  She says she feels ginsus in her back from them.  Pilar says the way they treated her, do they really expect her to be like "you guys are my friends.  Stab me in my back." 



Chanita says she's tripping because she thought they had a relationship and she was in the hospital and almost died and everyone came to her house.  (Almost died, Chanita?  It was a migraine.  Let's not get carried away.)  Chanita says she's always there for other wives and Pilar lives 5 minutes from her.  Pilar says Chanita is upset because she didn’t give her enough attention.  Chanita says her feelings are hurt.  Dawn says her feelings aren't hurt.  Pilar says nobody cares about her feelings.  Dawn says they know she doesn't care and Pilar says why would she care about somebody with her attitude and tells Dawn she has such a nasty attitude and a nasty demeanor.  Dawn says she can't do anything for Pilar so Pilar has no reason to be in her life.  Pilar says, "What have I ever asked you to do for me, sweetheart?"  Pilar says, "Don't hate on me because I am."  (Because you am (are) what?)  Amanda tells them they both sound so pathetic.  Amanda says if Pilar goes over the boat she's pretty sure someone will yell "full throttle."  Amanda tells Pilar if she's better than that to stop talking.  Erin says “get me the f*** out of here."  Chanita tells Pilar not to be an outsider.  Pilar says that all they do is talk about folks and who wants to be a part of that mess.  Chanita asks who is talking about who.  Chanita says she's dislikes liars, thieves, and people that can't drive and she doesn't know how Pilar's driving is and she's never stolen anything from her, but that lying is the drawing point.  George says he's a cut and dry person and asks Pilar if she and Chanita are friends or associates.  Chanita says Pilar doesn't want to be friends so she's good.  Pilar says she has to show herself before she tries to make a friend.  Dawn says she's done because it's clear that Pilar is not going to own up to her inappropriate behavior and she doesn't know anyone else who would act like that.  (I feel like I've missed something.  Like VH1 hasn't shown me everything that's happened.)  Pilar tells Dawn, "I'm not you and you sho 'nough ain't me."  (Yep, that's how she said it.)


Tamara Marbury
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