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15 Nov

VH1’s Football Wives: Episode 104

George and Ryan are away at training camp.  Chanita is hosting a fashion show (there’s always at least one “fashion designer” on Wives reality shows) and Amanda is hosting a preview show of her jewelry (make that 2).  Mercedes comes over because Chanita wants to get her involved with the show since she’s a fashion designer (Umm..3).  Chanita's line, Rock Star Rascals, is for kids, while Mercedes's line is for adults. So Chanita is having second thoughts about having Mercedes involved with the show.  Chanita begins to feel ill and has to throw up so they think “what if she’s pregnant?” 


Chanita goes to Pilar’s house. Although they have issues, Chanita feels Pilar will be best to host the fashion show because of her celebrity status.  Chanita tells Pilar about Mercedes's designs and that she doesn’t want her line in her show.  Pilar advises her that if it doesn’t fit, Chanita will look bad and to just let Mercedes know in a nice way.  Pilar agrees to MC the event. 


They have their fitting with the models and Chanita is having second thoughts about Mercedes’s line mixing in with her children’s line.  She tells Mercedes that she’s cute, but gives off sexy.  Mercedes says it’s the day of the fitting and she’s just now telling her.  Mercedes says she could have said something before now.  Mercedes says that she could have worked with her if she told her sooner, but she can’t make a children’s line in 2 days.  They get into an argument.  Mercedes says that either she’s threatened by her and her line or she doesn’t want to share the stage with her.  Mercedes storms out.  (Appropriate Use Of A Pen Throw – The winner is Mercedes Nelson.)


Mercedes is at Amanda’s house.  Amanda is not cool with the fight with Chanita.  Amanda asks her if she dropped the f bomb.  Amanda says that she doesn’t care how mad she got. Amanda says if she ever tells anyone again that she was baptized in her home (say what?) and dropped the f bomb she will never walk through her doors again.  Amanda tells her that she thinks “when I die what are people going to say about me?”  (Amanda said some other stuff akin to going to hell for saying the f bomb, but it was just a bit too much to repeat.)


It's Fashion Show day and Chanita hasn’t heard from Pilar and she tells Dawn that she might have to get on the mic and host.  Dawn says she should have asked her first.  She really wanted to host the event, but Chanita asked Pilar.  She says she should tell her no, but since she's her friend, she will do it.  Pilar arrives and says that no work is too hard when it comes to your family and that’s one thing she and Chanita have in common.  Chanita tells Dawn she’s not needed to host anymore and Dawn says that she’s getting her child and leaving; Pilar all of sudden shows up and Chanita’s kissing her feet again.  Dawn ends up staying and hosting with Pilar.  She says a part of her wants to show Pilar how it’s done.  The show starts and the kids strut the runway in tutus.  (I don’t know what they were supposed to be showing off in the show.  All I could see was tutus.  Every child was wearing a tutu.  Was the tutu the fashion?  If this was Real Housewives of Atlanta, Dwight would enter the picture and say, "How dreadful.") 



All went well with the show, but Chanita still has a big problem—is she pregnant?  She says that every time she starts to plan a big event, she ends up pregnant.  She takes a pregnancy test.  She says if she’s pregnant there are going to be serious issues.  She takes the test, looks at the result, and she’s not pregnant (when she fell on the floor on her stomach, I knew she wasn’t pregnant…at least I hoped she wasn't).  She says she’s not sure that they can handle one more kid in the Foster household.


Mercedes invites everyone to lunch and announces that she will be going back to LA. Pilar wishes her the best and says she’s proud of her.  Chanita is confused because Pilar is congratulating her after telling Chanita to put her out of her show.  Dawn asks if the issue with Chanita motivated her a bit to move back to LA.  Chanita says that she learned a lesson about herself because with the old Chanita it wouldn’t have turned out that way. Pilar says that they aren’t going to discuss this; it's Mercedes day and it’s turning into being all about Chanita.  Chanita says it was her day too.  Mercedes asks if they can apologize and move on and Chanita says no. 


Chanita tells Dawn and Melani that this is the last time she (I assume they were talking about Pilar, but I can't remember them saying a name) can join the social circle on the grounds that everything is great.  Dawn asks if they can ever go out to dinner and people not act "ig'nant".  (Yes, she said ig'nant.)


Amanda gets together with her fashion stylist and plans a big fall preview of her jewelry.  She invites the ladies to be her models.  As everyone is getting their hair and makeup done, Chanita complains that her head is killing her.  She says she’s never had a headache like this before. She says that something is definitely wrong.  She’s holding her head and crying. They call 911.  The paramedics ask on a scale of 1 to 10 how bad is the headache and she says 10.  She says she is literally scared to death.   





Tamara Marbury
  • Attorneymom

    Great summary.
    I do not think Pilar was being two-faced. Chanita expressed to Pilar how she was not "feeling" Mercedes' clothing line, and Pilar just suggested that if she was having concerns about Mercedes being a part of her show, then tell her. Did I miss something?

    November 16, 2010 at 5:22 am
  • Jocelyn Mikolajczak

    Most of the times I visit a blog I notice that most blogs are amateurish. On the contrary, I could honestly say that your writing is decent and your website solid.

    December 13, 2010 at 7:59 pm