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8 Nov

VH1’s Football Wives: Episode 103

This episode starts off showing Pilar at the fitness program that she and Deion run at their home.  She invited the other Wives to a workout that she leads.  Pilar says that she wants to see what Chanita has since she's always talking about she's an athlete.  The ladies complain about the 100 degree temperature.  Pilar goes in on the women.  Dawn says that she wouldn't be mad about being there if Pilar ever came to any of their gatherings.


Dawn and Melani are at the spa for much needed pampering.  Chanita arrives and asks, "Where's Pilar?"  They say that if she wanted to be there she would be there.  Dawn asks Chanita if she and George have gotten that call about going back to the Big League and Chanita says not yet.  Dawn says that their last year in Buffalo one of Ryan's teammates almost died on the field.  Melani starts crying and talks about how Rocket recently played in a celebrity football game and was injured.  She says that she realizes that he is always at risk whether its for work or for play and that he always has to be "The Rocket."  They talk about their husbands sacrificing so much for the game and how the money isn't worth putting their lives on the line and that everyone gets hurt at some point.


Ryan and George are about to leave for UFL training camp in Omaha.  Dawn talks about how when he leaves, she has to hold down the fort.  She says that having a child with autism makes it especially hard because her son needs regularity in his life.  She says that she will have to deal with behavioral issues once Ryan leaves.  Dawn discusses them having to pay for supplements for their son out of pocket. 


Training camp for the Dallas Cowboys was in California this year.  Amanda and Erin got the opportunity to hang out.  Amanda tells Erin that she's one of the only wives without kids.  Erin says she just wants to have twins, because she wants to do it once and be done.  Amanda talks about how she and Leonard met.  She says that she saw him and thought he was super pretty and that's how she got her kids. 


Dawn and Ryan go out on a date without the kids.  She explains that they are called Football Widows because once training camp starts they don't see their husbands much.  She tells Ryan that they need to talk about their financial situation.  She says that there are times when she wondered if they were going to make it.  They think about how close they've come to calling it quits.  Dawn says that they have been through so much.  She then says that their insurance will cease to exist.  She says that they have been living off savings for the last 3 years and anything that they had left, the used to get Ryan prepared for the UFL.  She asks him what his plan is after his last season with the UFL. 


Brittany talks about being nervous for this year.  Her friend tells her that she has to be David's biggest cheerleader.  Brittany says that she's going to make the best of it while David is gone. 


Dawn throws a BBQ before Ryan and George leave for training camp.  The Wives are eating and Mercedes calls Melani "Granny."  Pilar says that she is 28.  Chanita says that if Pilar is 28, then she is going to throw herself a Sweet 16 party.  Pilar says that she married up and that she is not in the same age range as Melani.  She says don't let the age of her husband fool them because her husband robbed the cradle and she didn't mind. 


Chanita breaks down when she realizes how much she needs George and will miss him.  Dawn comforts her and tells her that they will get through it together.  Chanita says that this is why she and Dawn are tight; Dawn always has her back and she has Dawn's back. 


Dawn gets emotional as Ryan leaves for camp. 

Tamara Marbury
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