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1 Nov

VH1′s Football Wives: Episode 102

This episode opens with Chanita at home with George.  She's making breakfast and George teases her that he didn't think making breakfast was her strong suit.  (George, you look like you like her breakfast just fine.)  George is leaving soon for UFL training camp so she is trying to spend as much time with him as she can.  She says that she hopes that they return to the Big League.  George says that he wants to be back in the Big League and Chanita asks him if he wants everything that comes with it, including the injuries.  She asks how much is it worth?  He says that his sacrifice is his body.  Chanita gets teary eyed about George lessening his life span for the game.  George tries to lighten the mood by saying that he might walk a little slower, but he will always be there for her.

Next, we see Pilar and Deion.  Pilar says that they don't get to spend a lot of time together.  Deion starts talking about all of his ailments and says that he thinks he has arthritis.  He tells Pilar that the doctor said that if he can get c****** 4 days a week, he will be fine.  (Child please.)  She tells him to stop and says that it's not called c******.  She says that he should be as healthy as an ox.  He says, "Please."  She asks him if he wishes he was still playing.  He says that you never miss what you walked away from.  She asks him why he gets so upset when she asks him about football and he says its because he's on duty.  He says that when a man watches football it's like he's making love.  (*One eyebrow raised*  You might not be doing it right, Deion.)  He then talks about his knee hurting and Pilar tells him that he can take an aspirin.  He says that he knows she's going to take care of him until he dies.  He then adds that she's not going to get that insurance money either.  She replies, "We'll see about that." 

When then see Dawn at Chanita's house.  Chanita says that they have a lot of history and she wants to catch up with Dawn.  Dawn asks Chanita how they are adjusting after the move.  Dawn gives her suggestions for things she can do to help George get back in the Big League, such as constantly checking injury reports.  Dawn tells Chanita that she and Ryan are borderline broke.  She says that they try to live within their means, but they are struggling.

We then see David bringing dinner home.  Brittany reiterates that she is just a girlfriend, but says that they all start out as girlfriends.  She says that they have been together a little over a year and just got a puppy so she feels that the relationship is moving forward.  She says that she can see herself with him the rest of her life.  She says that he is genuine and with him, what you see is what you get.  He asks her if they want her to become a wife.  He asks her if she's working her way up the ladder.  She says that she feels that you get more respect as a wife.  She says that people might think, "How many other girlfriends does he have?"

Chanita invites Dawn and Melani to play golf.  She says that she invited Mercedes (the last cast member for us to meet).  Dawn says that she heard that Mercedes doesn't play at all.  Chanita says that she met Mercedes in the league a couple of times and that she was dating a player.  She says that since they need 4 to play golf, she invited her.  Mercedes walks up and they tease her about her outfit (denim shorts, white collared shirt, and a sweater).  She says she has on a golf sweater and that she Googled it.  She says that her rings and pearls stay on.  They say at least her shirt is collared.  Mercedes says she thought she looked fly.  Chanita tells Mercedes not to embarrass her and that in their family they win.  They all drive off in their carts saying, "The black people have invaded the golf course.  They are never letting us back."  Chanita then runs her cart into Melani and Dawn's cart.  Chanita makes Mercedes take her necklace off.  They decide that the winning team gets to makeover the losing team (Chanita and Mercedes one team, Melani and Dawn the other team).  Once the game starts Mercedes says that Dawn is drinking alcohol.  Dawn tells her that it takes more than one drink to get her toasted.  Dawn says that she doesn't like to play with Chanita because she isn't playing for fun.  Chanita says that she plays to win and that they are messing up the kids of America by telling them to play for fun.  Chanita says no one plays a sport to lose.  Melani calls Dawn and Chanita hoodrats and says they are about to get them kicked off the course.  Dawn says that Chanita is what's wrong with the youth of America and that she doesn't want anyone like her near her kids.

Melani says that they have the worst golf etiquette she has ever seen.  Chanita says that she and Dawn are textbook frenemies.  Chanita tells them she feels that she has the weight of a country on her.  She has a foundation, Beyond the Game, that raises money for poverty stricken children and women in Swaziland, Africa.  Chanita says that she gives to the foundation, even if it means her kids won't get to do an activity.  Dawn asks her if she's giving to the foundation at the expense of her children.  Chanita feels that Dawn is calling her a bad parent.

We see Brittany and David again playing beer pong.  She beats him and rubs it in as they head to bed. 

Because Melani and Dawn lost in golf, they are being made over by Chanita and Mercedes (when Chanita said that the winners would give the losers makeovers, I knew instantly that this was not going to be any kind of makeover that I would want.  I was right.).  They pull out wigs and clothes so they can "trick" them out.  Chanita says that they are going to put a little urban in their suburban swag.  Dawn thought that she looked like a high priced hooker.  Dawn is surprised that Melani actually likes her look.  Melani goes outside in her outfit so the neighbors can see Dawn's "real" friends.  (No ma'am.) 

Chanita invites Dawn to lunch.  Chanita says that Dawn crossed the line when she said something to one of her kids.  She says that she heard Dawn told one of her kids that she can't go to dance class because her Mama is trying to feed the kids in Africa.  Chanita says that she brought Dawn here so she can read her and not to let it happen again.  Dawn says that she meant it to be light and fun.  Chanita says that her kids, her husband, and her business are nothing to play with.  Dawn says she's too sensitive.  Chanita says if she ever thinks it appropriate to say something to her kids she will walk her like a dog.  (Whaaaat??  Walk her like a dog??  Jotting that line down and putting it in my back pocket.)  Dawn says that Chanita has problems. 

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Overall, I must say that I really like Football Wives.  Reality TV is supposed to be real.  I can appreciate their honesty.  I can appreciate that they aren't putting on for the cameras.  They seem like REAL women.  And I can relate to real women.        


Tamara Marbury
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