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25 Oct

VH1′s Football Wives: Episode 101

Following the success of Basketball Wives, VH1 decided to pick up another "wives" show, Football Wives (both produced by Shaunie O'Neal).  The cast consists of 6 wives of active or retired football players, as well as a girlfriend and an ex-girlfriend of football players.

The Cast

Pilar Sanders: Wife of retired All-Pro Cornerback Deion Sanders



Chanita Foster: Wife of 7-year NFL veteran/UFL Offensive Lineman George Foster



Amanda Davis: Wife of Dallas Offensive Lineman Leonard Davis



Melani Ismail: Wife of former pro football player Rocket Ismail



Brittany Pigrenet: Girlfriend of Dallas Kicker David Buehler



Dawn Neufeld: Wife of 7-year veteran Tight End Ryan Neufeld



Erin McBriar: Wife of Dallas Punter Mat McBriar



Mercedes Nelson: Ex-girlfriend of Dallas football player



Episode 101 Recap and Commentary

The first episode starts by introducing Chanita Foster who is new to Dallas.  She explains that she met George at a time when she was so over "athlete boys".  When she met him she said, "Oh my gosh, you're a football player." He asked, "Why you say that?"  She replied, "You're 6'6, 320, and you're black.  You're a football player."  (Stereotype much, Chanita?)

Amanda Davis is up next.  Not only does she have her own jewelry line, but she and Leonard have a restaurant chain called SmashBurger.  Amanda is the type who knows she's privileged, which is evidenced by the blinged out everything in their house and loose change thrown all over the floor like confetti (and when Chanita visits, she takes the opportunity to scoop some up for toll money).  Chanita talks with Amanda about George no longer playing "in the big league", but instead signing on to play in the UFL.  

Amanda then goes to hang out with the other Dallas football ladies, Brittany Pigrenet and Erin McBriar.  They discuss Dallas's chances for the upcoming season and the pressure for the team to make it to the Super Bowl since they are hosting it in 2011.  We find out that Brittany works at Hooters and Fox & Hound and that, in fact, she met her boyfriend, David, at Hooters.  Amanda lets them know that Leonard just got a large signing bonus (I get the feeling that we will hear a lot more from her about how much money they have).  Erin informs them that punters don't get huge signing bonuses.  Brittany uses this girls' bonding time as an opportunity to ask the other ladies if their men have superstitions about "doing the deed" before a game.  Erin says that Mat doesn't like to the day of and Brittany said that David tells her that he doesn't want to have weak legs before the game so it has to be 3 days before the game.  

We then meet Melani (pronounced Me-LA-nee, not Melanie) who is from LA.  She says that when she met Rocket she went from having $1 in her pocket to having a debit card with $6-7 Million attached to it.  She calls Amanda about Bible Study and asks if she can bring Pilar with her.  Amanda says that she would love for her to invite Pilar and that some of the husbands will be there.  Melani then meets up with Pilar for lunch.  Pilar says that she really wanted to be married and really wanted to have a lot of kids and that she and Deion currently run a football camp for kids.  She says that she can't believe some stuff that comes out of his mouth and sometimes can't stand him.  Melani invites her to Bible Study, but Pilar informs her that she has a movie premiere to attend that night.  Pilar invites Melani to the premiere and they decide to attend both Bible Study and the movie premiere.

Amanda and Leonard host Bible Study at their home every week.  That's where we meet Dawn who has two kids with her husband, Ryan, one of whom has been labeled as autistic through the school district (and we see their daughter swinging on something that Dawn says is too reminiscent of a pole and that "Daddy" might have a heart attack if he see that).  We learn that Dawn is a lawyer working part-time, which pays some bills, but not all of them.  She says that Ryan made a good living, but he only made the league minimum and they knew that the money wouldn't be there forever.  Dawn reveals that it's going to be different with Ryan not playing and that they don't have a plan (WHAT??  You knew the money wouldn't last, yet you don't have a backup plan?  And you're a lawyer?  From day one I would have been planning for life after football, because its inevitable, but that's just me.)  

We then see Leonard talking with George about what's next for him.  George tells Leonard that he's going to Omaha to play for their UFL team.  (This whole conversation was awkward and made me feel uncomfortable.  Leonard is standing there with a grin on his face like he wants to laugh as George is telling him his plans.  And George is talking about the team as if he's not only trying to sell the idea to Leonard but as if he's trying to convince himself that this opportunity is going to put him back in the big league in no time.  All Leonard keeps saying is "Yeeeep.").

Bible Study then starts with the Pastor leading the group.  He starts off by asking, "How many of you guys are ready to get into the Bible for about 3 hours?"  (*blank stare*  3 HOURS?!?  That's when I would have tipped out of there with my Baptist finger in the air.)  Pilar realizes that she has to get out of there to make it to the movie premiere and does what else, but puts her Baptist finger in the air and tips out of there.  Amanda is horrified that Pilar leaves in the middle of Bible Study.  Melani is having an internal debate about where to stay at Bible Study or be a "heathen" and leave to go to the movie premiere.  Melani choose the movie premiere and changes clothes in Amanda's bathroom before walking out to her car.  Amanda asks, "Seriously? Who leaves Bible Study?" (Umm, that would be me if it's going to last 3 hours.)  

Chanita is livid that Pilar and Melani left Bible Study right in front of the pastor.  Feeling the tension amongst the group, Amanda pulls the group together for lunch to air out their issues.  Chanita goes in on Pilar for leaving early and says that if she was going to have to leave, she wouldn't even have gone.  She continues to harp on the fact that the Bible Study was at someone else's house and it was rude for them to leave.  (Apparently, it takes all Chanita has not to let the Detroit in her come out.)  Melani offers an apology to Amanda for leaving.  Pilar on the other hand says she doesn't care what anyone thinks of her life.  Dawn excuses herself and Pilar jokingly goes in on her for leaving their lunch, mocking the way Chanita is going in on her.  Chanita says in her one-on-one interview that she should politely punch Pilar in the face (I believe this is what my high school teacher would call foreshadowing).  Chanita and Pilar continue to go back and forth about what happened at Bible Study.  Pilar tells Chanita that she has real issues and Chanita denies having issues and says that she thinks it was just inappropriate (I mean really?  Is this how this show is going to go?  Creating drama out of nothing?  She left Bible Study early.  Move on.).

"This Season On" indeed shows that this first season of Football Wives will be packed with drama, arguments, threats to walk another wife like a dog, and a trip by ambulance to the hospital.  

Follow me on Twitter each Sunday as I live tweet (#FootballWives) during the show!  If you missed the first episode, you can count on VH1 to re-air it no less than 843 times before next Sunday, but you can also go to www.vh1.com to watch the full first episode online.  

Tamara Marbury
1 Comment
  • Kathy Sykes

    I watched the show for the first time last night and was not impressed. But who can really be impressed by reality tv?? I did enjoy, to some degree, basketball wives and I am trying to give Shawnie another chance.
    Just like the Atlanta Housewives, there were some scenes from last night's episode that made me cringe (yelling on the golf course and yelling that there are "black people" in the neighborhood). Really, is that the way you want to represent yourself as a football wife? or a wife, period?
    I do realize that the more drama produces more ratings but it can also produce a poor perception of women and prople of color at the same time. Which is more important….the money or your character? I guess the rest of the season will give us our answer.

    November 1, 2010 at 9:45 am