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8 Feb


Gap Dress 2(a)
Dress: Gap Button-Down Shirt: Gap Photo: Self-Portrait   Wow!  Hello, 2016!  It has been far too long since I posted, but I took a much-needed blogging break.  And now, I'm back!  If you follow me on Instagram, then it probably doesn't seem like it's been that long.  Since it has been a long time, I thought that I would come back with a Currently post to catch you up with what I'm currently doing.   Currently Reading:  How To Be Single.  I wanted to read this book before seeing the movie, because I'm the type that if I see the movie first, I'll never read the book.  I'm so glad that I am reading it, because it is so good.  The main character?  She's basically me.  I might...
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30 Nov

Girls Beauty Night In

Beauty Night 2
  Long time no blog post, right?  I promise you that I am still here and the blog isn't going anywhere!  After 5 years of blogging, I decided to take a much-needed break that allowed me to focus on some other things that I'll share with you soon.  Also, this blog is in the middle of a re-design, but I wanted to pop in and share this post before the re-design is complete, so that you all wouldn't think that I just abandoned everything.   If I'm planning a Girls Night In, it's going to include a few essentials: my girls, some "this is probably bad for you, but tastes so good" food, and a movie and/or some music.  Well, I recently thought about,...
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5 Oct

Esq. Bar Approved

Tee, orange skirt, Marshalls
Esq Tee (c/o Nikki Panache) Skirt (Marshalls) Heels (Saks OFF 5th) Cole Haan Sunglasses (Marshalls) Necklace (The Limited) Bracelet (Versona) Photos: Alex Kotran Photography   This past weekend it was COLD here in DC.  Like bypass fall, hello winter kind of cold.  Ok.  Maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit.  Nah, it was cold.  I had to pull out my jacket and then later my winter coat.  I wore my brown floppy hat (see my Instagram, BlitzAndGlam, for a look at the hat) and I even put on my gloves at one point.  If I feel like this during fall, I'm dreading how I will feel when winter actually arrives.  Ugh.  Thankfully, it's supposed to warm back up a bit this week and reach the 70s.  Whew!  A little more...
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29 Sep

A Last Look At Summer

Blue Gap Dress
Dress: Gap Shoes: Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse Necklace: The Limited Clutch: Borrowed from sister Photography: Alex Kotran Photography   Can you believe that summer is over and fall is officially here??  I simply cannot believe that October will be here this week.  Didn't September just start last week?  I always say that spring is my favorite season, but I really like fall just as much.  I love wearing blazers and jackets, boots and booties.  My only problem with fall is that the actual fall-like weather doesn't last long enough.  It seems like we have cooler temps for about 2 weeks and then it's full-on winter weather.  And I am NOT ready for winter.   Anyway, I wore this dress a couple of weekends ago to the DMV Bloggers...
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20 Sep

Welcome Back, Football

Majestic New Orleans Saints
This post is sponsored by Majestic Athletic.   This is the time of year when so many students are going back to school, but all I can think about is that it's time to get back to football!  *insert your best touchdown dance*  Oh, football season!  Why did you leave me for so long?  Never mind that now.  I'm just happy to have you back.    With the return of football, I've been thinking about my wish list of games that I would like to attend this season.  The Saints come to DC to take on the Washington football team and they will also be in nearby Philadelphia playing the Eagles.  And I would love to get down to New Orleans for a home game, because...
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2 Sep

Let’s Collaborate

A few months ago I signed up to participate in a pretty cool blogging project.  Three blogging communities decided to join forces and pair bloggers from the different communities together to coLABorate on a blog post or a series of blog posts.  I bet you're thinking, "Did her caps lock key just randomly stick for 3 letters? And does she know how to spell collaborate??"  Nope!  I capitalized those letters for a reason.  The three communities working together on this project are the Latina Bloggers, Alt Summit, and Blogalicious communities!  And the name of the project is, you guessed it, coLAB.  So, I was paired up with Rebekah of RebekahAnne.com.  We thought it would be fun to introduce ourselves to...
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24 Aug

Summer Isn’t Over Yet

Banana Republic, Zara, Marshalls
Top: Zara Pants: Banana Republic Factory Store Handbag: c/o Marshalls Heels: Sak OFF 5TH Necklace: The Limited Earrings: The Limited Ring: Old Navy Location: Uptown Charlotte Photos: Lindsay Wynne Photography   This is one of the last looks that I shot in Charlotte before moving to Washington, D.C.  We shot this in Uptown Charlotte, where I first lived (and worked the whole time) when I moved to Charlotte.  It was amazing to see how much Uptown has grown and changed in the 5 and a half years that I was there.  I'll actually be heading back to Charlotte Labor Day weekend to wrap up all unfinished business there like turning in my cable box, moving the final things out of my apartment there, and having a good meal at some of...
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10 Aug

EXPLORE: Union Market

Union Market, DC, Bidwell
Yesterday, August 9, was my birthday!  My 36th birthday to be exact.  *throws confetti*  Happy Birthday to me!  I was talking with my good friend, Shana, last week (her birthday was last week) about how there seems to be so much pressure to do something big for your birthday.  Does anyone else feel that pressure?  We both kept it easy-breezy for our respective birthdays.  I mean, I had just had this big move and started a new job, so I really just wanted to have a good meal and see a good movie.  And I did just that.  And it was a pretty good birthday to me.    I started with brunch in D.C. at M Street Bar & Grill where they have...
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5 Aug

BET’s The Game Series Finale

Well, this is it.  The last episode of BET's The Game and thus, the last recap post.  Thanks so much for reading after each episode (I hope you didn't notice that I missed a week this season - oops!).  You guys have been great and I've appreciated all of your comments and tweets and even telling me in person on random meetings, how much you love and appreciate these recaps!  That's what's kept me doing them over the seasons.  So, I hope you enjoy this last episode (YAY for Melanie and Derwin returning!!): Rick and Pookie realize that neither one of them was shot, but then Rick says he was shot.  They debate about taking him to the hospital, because of...
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5 Aug

SHOP: Gingham X Gingham

Red, White & Blue, Gingham, The Limited
    Gingham blouse: The Limited c/o Splender Gingham skirt: The Limited c/o Splender Clutch: The Limited c/o Splender Necklace: The Limited c/o Splender Jessica Simpson heels (blue): Belk Silver heels: Christian Louboutin Location: Old Town Alexandria, Virginia Photos: Zuri Marbury   One of my favorite looks is a big summer trend this year - gingham!  Now, if you ask me, gingham is a classic print and never goes out of style, but for some it's been pretty popular this summer.  And really, I don't limit myself to only wearing gingham in summer.  You might find me layering a gingham shirt under a sweater in fall and winter as well.  When I ran across these two pieces separately on The Limited's website, I immediately knew that I wanted them both AND I wanted...
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